A web site for the village of Hartshorne,
Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

The following people are involved in the maintenance of this web site:

Neil Jenkinson

Neil Jenkinson has had a long relationship with the village of Hartshorne having lived in the village from the age of seven until getting married at St Peters Church at the age of 25 at which time he left to live in Mickleover, Derby. However, on securing employment locally he returned to live in the village in January 1999.

Since then he has tried to take an active interest in the village community, which has resulted in becoming the Chairman of the Village Neighbourhood Watch and in the past a Parent Governor of Hartshorne Church of England Primary School, both of which he intends to promote on this web site. He is now the webmaster for the site which is sponsored by the Hartshorne Parish Council. Please contact him to get alterations, events and provide any other detials for the site.


Chris Redfern has taken most of the present day pictures on this site using the latest in digital technology. Chris is a keen walker and bird watcher and knows the area around Hartshorne in detail. Chris has adopted the role of 'web site photographer', and does it very well.
Amy Jenkinson

Amy Jenkinson has grown up in the village and has taken on some of the photographic responsibility for the website picture gallery.

In September 2012 Amy will be starting her University Degree at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (BIAD) studying Visual Communications.