South Derbyshire District Council


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Monday 20 July 2020

Via video Link (Zoom)


PRESENT – Councillors A Jones,(Chair), Mrs M Mycock (vice Chair), P Smith, R Bell, Mrs K Coe, N Jenkinson, D West, ,  Mrs J Burley and Mrs N Landsborough.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENSE – Councillors Mrs J Slawson, Mrs S Sharland, G Tubey and P Redfern. County Councillor Mrs L Chilton, District Councillors Gee, Taylor and Dawson


ALSO, PRESENT -  R Smith (Clerk)


Ordinary Parish Meeting








District Council Reports:


1. Councillor had reported that he will be attending the Planning meeting in respect of application for changes at Building Farm 


County Council reports:

2. No report I respect of Hartshorne Parish Council matters.




Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting  on held on 15 June 2020. (Held by Video Link (Zoom)


The minutes were amended to delete Mrs S Sharland from attending as she had already submitted her apologies they were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.




Matters Arising - There were no matters arising from the meeting




Any member to declare an interest None




Items for Exemption





Police Matters


1.     The Police have been made aware problems at Bretby View and are currently investigating.

2.     There still remains problems with speeding around the estate.



Matters Arising


1. Clerks monthly report and financial statement (both reports attached).





Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths

1. Councillor Smith is concerned with footpaths at Woodlands.

RESOLVED Clerk to write to Footpaths Officer at DCC requesting a full inspection of the area to ascertain the correct routes of the footpaths and Permissive Ways.

2. Several residents around Coal Lane are genuinely concerned about the expansions at the Abattoir fearing a repent of incidents a few years ago. Councillor Smith pointed out that the new extension is not in accordance with the planning permission granted in December 2019.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact SDDC Enforcement Officer explaining the breach in planning permission and also pointing out the high mound of earth that has recently appeared which has affected the views of local residents





Parish Newsletter and website

1. Councillor’s  agreed that the Ticknall PC web site was good and Councillor Jenkinson continue to investigate. The Clerk reported that he had received costings and he would circulate them.





Recreation Grounds and Allotments

1.     The Clerk reported that there was an attempt to break-in to the container at Salisbury Drive however it was unsuccessful and there was no damage.

2.     The Clerk reported that he has now received 2 enquires to use the football pitch at Salisbury Dive.

3.     The Clerk reported that he had now listed all repairs required on the 3 recreation grounds. A number of which will be actioned when the new play equipment is installed at Main Street. The Clerk will discuss other repairs with N Dawson Landscaping.





Reports from Outside Bodies

1.  Councillor Jenkinson reported that the next Charities meeting will be on 12 August.





Planning Matters



1.       Prior Notification for the change of use from agricultural buildings to office/workshop (use class B2) along with associated operational development at Land at SK3220 1928 Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7EY


2.       The creation of a new access and track on Land at SK3220 1928 Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7ET

That the Parish Council objects to the 2 applications above stating that Woodville Road now has several new developments including Broomy Farm which will increase traffic.


3.       The pruning and laying of remaining trees covered by South Derbyshire District Council Tree Preservation Order no. 447 on Land between 49 and 59 Manchester Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7BE.

Concerns were expressed again that this appears work has already been carried out prior to granting of permission.


4.       The erection of an extension and external alterations at 20 Tower Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7EU

No comments


5.       The erection of a single storey extension and alterations at 15 Malmesbury Avenue, Midway, Swadlincote, DE11 7PS

No comment












64/20     Finance and Administration

July and August Payments




In respect of















Direct Payments








Staff Wages

July salaries/wages








July Tax and NI contribution







Staff Wages

August salaries








August Tax and NI contribution








Supply at Goseley recreation ground








Rent , Salisbury Drive
















1.            Natwest  re investment. Account now closed and balance transferred to be SDDC. 

2.            The Clerk reported that the Lenghtsman has indictaed that he intends to retire at the end of September

RESOLVED that once offical written notice has been received the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman prepare to advertise the post.

3.            Please note as there is no meeting in August, the Committee were asked to approve August salaries,  however payment will not be made until the due date.



65/20     Correspondence

                         General Correspondence

DCC – No waiting Order, Repton Road, Ticknall (Near Milton) DALC Circulars


66/20     Meeting Closed at 8.35 pm


             Date of Next meeting  14 September starting at 7.00 via video link (Zoom)




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