South Derbyshire District Council


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Monday 15 June 2020

Via video Link (Zoom)


PRESENT – Councillors A Jones,(Chair), Mrs M Mycock (vice chair), P Smith, R Bell, N Jenkinson, D West, G Tubey,  Mrs J Burley, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs S Sharland and Mrs N Landsborough.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENSE – Councillors Mrs K Coe, Mrs S Sharland and P Redfern


ALSO, PRESENT - County Councillor Mrs L Chilton, District Councillors Gee and Dawson


Ordinary Parish Meeting









District Council Reports:



1.     District Councillor Gee informed the meeting that South Derbyshire DC will commence committee meetings via virtual links starting on 30 June and 1 July with Planning meetings and a Finance meeting on 2 July.

2.     Councillor Dawson said that he is still in discussions with the Planning Department over matters at Buildings Farm.

3.     Councillor Gee informed the meeting that allocation of Police Officers in the area have been revised.



County Council reports:

4.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton informed the meeting that most of the main towns in Derbyshire were to be cordoned off to help with social distancing, this is similar to that installed in Ashby.

5.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton reported that all landowners on Dunnsmoor Lane have been informed about resolving the drainage problems. Councillor West reported that he had been along Dunnsmoor Lane today (15 June) and the road appeared to be satisfactory.






Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting  on held on 26 May 2020. (Held by Video Link (Zoom)


The minutes were then approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.






Matters Arising - There were no matters arising from the meeting






Any member to declare an interest



Councillor Jenkinson express an interest in improvements at Manor Farm, Hartshorne (related)




Items for Exemption







Police Matters



1.     Councillor Mrs Burley reported that 2 cars had been racing around Goseley Estate at high speed. The Police have acted against one of the car owners.




Matters Arising



1.     Clerks monthly report and financial statement (both reports attached).

2.     Councillor Smith said the item in the Clerks report re Hedge Ticknall Road had been attended to however the hedge has since grown and it will be cut again shortly along with the neighbours.

3.     The Chairman referred to the recent correspondence in which Jim Seaton had resigned from the Parish Council with immediate effect. Under the circumstances the Chairman felt he must accept his resignation. The Clerk to contact SDDC in respect of the vacancy.

RESOLVED that resignation of J Seaton is accepted and the Clerk contact SDDC about advertising the vacancy.






Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths

1.     The Clerk reported that the Parish Councils request for repairs to Pear Tree Close have now been carried out. However, Tower Road and Coventry Close remain outstanding.



2.     Several footpaths issued were raised at the last meeting have now been inspected by DCC and work is currently ongoing




Parish Newsletter and website

1.     Councillor Jenkinson has looked at Ticknall PC’s web site and felt that as several other Parish Councils use the same provider it appears to meet our requirements. He invited other Councillors to have a look and report back next month. The Clerk will ascertain costs of implementation and monthly running costs.






Recreation Grounds and Allotments

1.     The Clerk reported that he had had some interest in letting the Salisbury Drive football pitch for next season.

2.     The Clerk reported that he had decommissioned  the cradle swing at Main Street recreation ground.

3.     The Clerk reported that following conversions with SDDC he will now be able to submit a s.106 application over the next 2 weeks.

4.     SDDC have informed the Parish Council that this year’s Summer Play Activities Scheme has been cancelled.

5.     The Clerk reported that all allotments are occupied and all but one are looking in excellent condition.

6.     The Clerk reported that he is currently working through the Playsafety report and will report back to the next meeting.







Reports from Outside Bodies

1.      Councillor Jenkinson reported that the next Charities meeting will be on 12 August.






Planning Matters


·         9/2016/0882 (phase 2b) - Approval of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) for erection of 148 dwellings along with creation of roads and public open space pursuant to outline permission ref. 9/2016/0882 (phase 2b) on Land at Broomy Farm (east of Lincoln Way and Salisbury Drive), Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote.

Following Councillor Tubey’s comments about the dangerous condition of the security fencing around the junction of Lincoln Way and Burton Road, the Parish Council seek assurances that all security fencing should be repaired and comply with H & S regulations and regular inspections are carried out before the Parish Council pass comments on the above planning application.

Several Councillors reported that the footpaths  running over the Broomy Farm development are not clearly defined.

RESOLVED Clerk to write to Bellway to request clearer signage on Closed footpaths and Diverted footpaths. Clerk to write to DCC Footpaths Officer also.


·         Manor Farm, Hartshorne,& National Forest Company – Changing Landscape Scheme at Manor Farm.

RESOLVED that the Parish has no objections to the proposed scheme.



·         DMPA/2020/0456 The erection of a temporary static caravan for one year at Buildings Farm, Ticknall Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AU.

Although the  Parish Council are concerned that work has already started on mains supply, they felt that it is now going through the correct channels and no further action is required at this stage.


·         Councillors reported that it appears that the alterations at Manchester Lane are complete, however according to SDDC web site permission has not yet been granted.

RESOLVED Clerk to SDDC for an explanation.






Finance and Administration

June Payments




In respect of











Direct Payments






Staff Wages

June salaries/wages






June Tax and NI contribution





Miss M Smith

Donation (s137) re upkeep of village square





Playsafety Ltd

Play equipment inspections





eUKhost Ltd

Hosting web site annual charge





H Heath

Treatment of JKW





R Smith

Re new padlock at Allotments





·         Payments were approved


1.         Annual Audit of Accounts 2019/20 - The Clerk reported that all Audited accounts are to be submitted and notices have been displayed

2.         Letter from Natwest  re investment.







General Correspondence

1.     DALC – Web site accessibilty Requirements

RESOLVED Clerk to investigate further and intergrate requirements with new web site.

2.     SDDC – Planning Policy Survey

3.     DALC – relocation of offices to Unit 6, Lime Tree Business Park, Lime Tree Road, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3EJ, Tel: 01629 826655 , e-mail: admin@derbyshirealc.gov.uk, www.derbyshirealc.gov.uk

4.     A Resident – Hartshorne Woods and the use of land. Councillor Smith is in contact with the resident.

5.     SDDC – reply from Allison Thomas re HPC thank you letter in respect refuse collection in the Parish.


The 2 items below were deferred from the last meeting

6.     Bellway Homes – request for Parish Council takeover responsibility of Balancing Lagoons at Broomy Farm

7.    SDDC – request consideration for operating Balancing Lagoons at  Broomy Farm.

RESOLVED that the Clerk write to Bellway and SDDC informing them that the Parish Council does NOT wish to take on the responsibity of the Balancing Lagoons.

8.     DALC Circulars No. 6 External Audit News

a.     Neighbourhood Planning Support Grant

b.     Section 137 Allowance for 2018-19

c.     GDPR Update

d.     Updated Model Standing Orders and Legal Topic Notes 1,2,5,8, and 87

e.     Free Webinar: ‘Community Organising’ Training 24

9.     th

10.  April

a.     Project Management Training – 23 May 2018

b.     Councillor Essential Training – 21 J

11.  Circular 6 - External Audit News

a.     Neighbourhood Planning Support Grant

b.     Section 137 Allowance for 2018-19

c.     GDPR Update

d.     Updated Model Standing Orders and Legal Topic Notes 1,2,5,8, and 87

e.     Free Webinar: ‘Community Organising’ Training 24

12.  th

13.  April

a.     Project Management Training – 23 May 2018

b.     Councillor Essential Training – 21 J

14.  cular 4 - 2018 -


15.  Circular No. 04/2018

16.  To all Member Town and Parish Councils and Parish Meetings



18.  In this Circular:


DALC Circulars

1.     June newsletter - New procurement threshold levels published, Returning to work after lockdown, Renewable energy grants, Risk assessments and checklists for opening public buildings, Enquiries are Zooming!, Climate Group keeps growing, Flying the flag, Training dates online, Excellence Awards – entries arriving and Update on homeworking allowances

2.     DALC website accessibility Requirements -September 2020




Meeting Closed at 8.50 pm



Date of Next meeting  20 June starting at 7.00 via video link (Zoom)






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