South Derbyshire District Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Monday 12 April 2021, 2021

Via video Link (Zoom)


PRESENT – Councillors A Jones (Chair), Mrs M Mycock, N Jenkinson, Mrs J Burley, D West, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs N Landsborough, Mrs S Sharland, P Smith, Mrs K Coe and G Tubey.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Councillors, R Bell, D Streeton and P Redfern. District Councillors Gee and Dawson.


ALSO, PRESENT -  R Smith (Clerk), District Councillors Taylor (arrived at 8.45),  and County Councillor Mrs L Chilton (arrived at 8.00)

Ordinary Parish Meeting






Prior to the start of the meeting a minute’s silence was observed for HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who passed away on 9 April 2021.


Public Participation




District Council Reports:

1.     Councillor Taylor reported that the fencing along The Cutting, Limestone Ave and Bentley Drive  had now been replaced by SDDC, and all litter had also been cleared. The Parish Council hoped that SDDC will continue to maintain their land.

2.     Councillor Taylor informed the meeting of an assail and the theft of a dog in the Woodville area, this appears to be a regular occurrence.






County Council reports:

1.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton had little to report other than tidying up loose ends before she retires from the County Council. The Chairman on behalf the Parish Council thanked Linda for all the hard work she had carried out as a County Councillor over the past 8 years and wished her all the best in her ‘retirement’.





Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting  on held on 8 March (Held by Video Link (Zoom)


The minutes were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Please note because of the current Lockdown rules the Chair has been unable to sign previous minutes . He will do so when the current restrictions are over.




Matters Arising - There were no matters arising from the meeting




Any member to declare an interest.

Councillor D West – Under Planning applicant a neighbour.

Councillor A Jones  - Under Finance SDCVS




Items for Exemption






Police Matters


1.     There were no Police present.

2.     Councillor Mrs Burley reported that youths riding around Goseley and onto the Community Centre.

3.     Parking in and around the shops remains a problem.

4.     Arriva are still using The Cutting and not Goseley Ave.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DCC and other authorities to try and enforce Arriva to use the correct route.




Matters Arising


1.     The Clerk reported that there was no change in conducting face to face meetings and that from 7 May the use of video conferencing is not allowed.

RESOLVED that as there are no alternative venues available in May the Parish Council continues to use video conferencing for the 10 May meeting. Theis was resolved unanimously.

2.     Resignation of Richard Smith, Parish Clerk

The Clerk has tendered his resignation with a termination date of 30 June. He said that although he was only required to give one months’ notice he felt that three months gave the Parish Council ample time to find a replacement.

RESOLVED that a small subcommittee of Chair, Vice-Chair, Councillors Smith and West is set up to oversee the advertising and replacement. It was also suggested that DALC are requested in the selection process. The Clerk would supply a draft advertisement showing all details of the post.









Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths


1.   20’s Plenty Campaign - 20mph Limits for Derbyshire (Circulated 12 March)

2.   20’s Plenty Campaign – 20s Plenty for Derbyshire (Circulated 5 April)

RESOLVED to take no action at present, however they wish to be kept informed of any progress.

3.   DCC – Gritting routes within the Parish (circulated 17 March)

RESOLVED that the Clerk write DCC asking why the part of Repton Road to Main Street is not included on the Gritting routes.

4.   SDDC – use of VAS (Vehicle Activated Signage)

RESOLVED that the contents of the report are noted.

5.   Councillor Landsborough – request for funding a Local Litter Pick

RESOLVED that 6 sets of Litter Picking equipment is purchased from SDDC at a cost of £31.00 per unit.

6.   Councillor Smith reported that f/p33 is being used by non-walkers.

RESOLVED that the Clerk request DCC to improve the signage.

7.   Councillor Jenkinson was concerned about the use of land near to Buildings Farm, on National Forest land.

RESOLVED that this matter is deferred until the May meeting to give all Councillors the opportunity to visit the site.

8.    Following on from District Councillors report on the fencing, it was

RESOLVED that an additional litter bin is installed on The Cutting.





Parish Newsletter and website


1.   It was reported that there is now six new pages available on the site.

RESOLVED that consideration is given to additional pages.




Recreation Grounds and Allotments

1.    It was reported that a go-kart has been using the recreation ground at Goseley.






Reports from Outside Bodies









DMOT/2021/0314.The pruning and crown lifting of oak and maple tree(s) covered by South Derbyshire District Council Tree Preservation Order no. 0407 at 2 Caulkley View, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7BJ

DMPN/2021/0431 Prior Notification of single storey rear extension, with eaves of 2.25 metres and maximum height of 3.45 metres extending 4.06 metres from the rear wall at 3 Truro Close, Midway, Swadlincote, DE11 7LL.

DMPA/2021/0422 The erection of a side and rear extension at 6 Truro Close, Midway, Swadlincote, DE11 7LL.

DMPA/2021/0378 The change of use from the existing offices to three 3 bed dwelling houses with associated parking and amenity space. Two modest extensions traditionally designed to complement the existing character and materials of the barns in two of the three proposed units at Stonehouse Farm, Ashby Road, Woodville, Swadlincote, DE11 7BP.

DMPA/2021/0265 The creation of access and turning point to existing table block at 46 Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AF.

DMPA/2021/0531  The erection of a two-storey rear extension at 63 Repton Road, Hartshorne, Derbyshire, DE11 7 

The Parish Council does not wish to object or make comments on the above applications.






Finance and Administration


April Payments




In respect of











Direct Payments







March Adjustments (paid 20 March)






March standard Charges (paid 20 March)





Staff Wages

Salaries/wages April & PAYE contributions






Annual subscriptions 2021/22






Annual Rent re Goseley recreation ground





R Watts

Equipment - litter hoop





Royal Mail

Use of PO Box





PA Forestry & Rural Services

Hedge cutting at Kendricks Close, Tower Road and Main Street recreation ground





Bloomin’ Gardens

Pitch marking at Salisbury Drive



























1.           Outsourscing Payroll – The Clerk reported that SDCVS were now carrying out the full payroll duties and everything is working very satisfactory

2.           Annual Audit by PKF Littlejohn – The Clerk report that the Final are near coompletion and will be with our Internal Auditor by 19 April and ready for submission to Exteernal Auditor by Mid May.

3.           Request for funding Community Transport Swadlincote Ltd. – this application was discussed and -

RESOLVED that £50.00 is donated to Community Transport Swadlincote Ltd.







a.       CVS – Derbyshire Community Heros Roll of Honour 2021.

RESOLVED that Kevin and Lesley Taylor of The Admiral Rodney names are submitted for the hard work during the past 12 months and Belinda Woods & the Hartshorne Helpers for the work they have carried out

b.       Resident – Thank you letter for a quick response to a problem at Goseley recreation ground

c.       DALC Circular – None






Meeting Closed at 9.00pm


Date of Next meeting  10 May 2021 starting at 7.00 with a preference for a Zoom meeting subject to Legislation.

The Annual meeting of the Parish Council,  Wednesday 21 April at 7.00 via video link (Zoom).




Signed………………………………………… Date………………………………………………….