Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 12th July 2021 at Hartshorne Cricket Club.


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), D Stretton, D West, G Tubey, M Mycock, J Slawson, K Coe, N Landsborough, N Jenkinson, P Smith, P Redfern  


Parish Clerk, M Blyton


In attendance: County Councillor D Muller and Borough Councillor M Dawson



067/2021          Public participation



068/2021          To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

Councillor C Muller discussed the free port and explained that a committee had been formed.  The Parish Council would receive reports form the committee.


Councillor C Muller explained that a new highways team had been formed in Matlock called “Do it now”.  The team’s remit was to deal with potholes and other issues.  Councillor C Muller said that members of the Parish Council were welcome to contract him direct regarding highways issues that could be addressed through the new team.  He said that work had now been carried out on the road between Ticknall and Melbourne.


Councillor C Muller said he would be keeping a close eye on developers in the village and would address any resulting highways issues.


Councillor P Smith passed on his thanks to Councillor C Muller for his efforts in achieving the road improvements between Ticknall and Melbourne.


069/2021          Apologies

Councillor J Burley

Councillor S Shirland

Borough Councillor M Gee


070/2021          Variation to the order of business







071/2021          Declaration of members interests

Councillor N Jenkinson declared an interest in the item on the website (agenda item 10)


Councillor A Jones disclosed an interest in the payment to SDCVC due to his position as a Trustee (agenda item 12)

072/2021         To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 14th June 2021

                           RESOLVED: Agreed


073/2021          Recreation Grounds


The RoSPA Play Safety Inspection Reports were discussed.  Several Councillors expressed surprise and concern regarding the number of issues identified in the reports which were considered more extensive than they recalled had been identified in previous reports.  Councillor M Mycock noted the poor condition of the changing rooms at Gosley recreation ground.  Councillors discussed the need for a policy which would set out when work would be carried out, based on the risk matrix included in the RoSPA inspection reports. 


Councillor P Smith suggested that the Council should look at the provision of gym equipment at Mount Street recreation ground.  It was noted that this was a possibility depending upon receipt of S106 money.


RESOLVED An onsite meeting of the Recreation Working Group would be convened and a decision regarding what work would be completed, considering the RoSPA inspection reports, would be delegated to the working group.


RESOLVED That the Recreation Working Group would produce a policy on when work needed to be commissioned on play equipment, based on the risk matrix included in the RoSPA inspection reports.  This policy would be submitted to the Council for approval.


It was noted that the Council had received a complaint from a resident regarding an overgrown silver birch on Dunsmore Way recreation ground.


RESOLVED The Recreation Working Group would review this issue as part of their on-site meeting and report their conclusions back to the Council.


As part of this agenda item the issue of the proposed fete on a council recreation ground was discussed.  It was noted that the two members of the public that had proposed the fete appeared to have made no progress on issues such as parking and risk assessments.  They had also not yet put forward any dates for a meeting with members of the Recreation Working Group.  It was therefore not clear at this stage if the fete would be able to go ahead on the date proposed.


074/2021          Planning Applications


(a)  National Forest Application to Changing Landscape Scheme (Development of woodland) Land off Manchester Lane.


Councillors welcomed this woodland development.


(b) Subject: Application ref. DMPA/2021/0909: Notification of planning application the erection of extensions at 93 Sandcliffe Road, Midway, Swadlincote, DE11 7PJ 

RESOLVED No Objection                                

(c)  Retrospective application for engineering operations to strip and store topsoil, conditioning of subsoil including removal of rubble, before replacement of subsoil and seed for grazing at 2 Coal Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7FN


RESOLVED The Parish Council are not satisfied with the current condition of the site and require the site to be returned to its original condition (the condition it was in prior to any of the works listed in the planning application being undertaken)


075/2021          Highways and Public Footpaths

                           No issues raised.        

RESOLVED: Approved with the following comments:



076/2021         Website and Communications

                           The intention to produce a newsletter in September was noted.


It was agreed that the Clerk would investigate options for a virtual landline linked to his mobile number, as an alternative to a dedicated mobile phone.


077/2021          Allotments


The clerk reported that there were two vacant plots and he had one person who had expressed an interest to date.










078/2021          Finance


(a)  Bank Signatories


 It was RESOLVED to add the following bank signatories to the   Parish Council mandate with HSBC:


·         Councillor Alan Jones

·         Councillor Maureen Mycock

·         Councillor Derek West

·         Councillor Neil Jenkinson

·         Parish Clerk Mark Blyton


(b)  Online Banking


It was RESOLVED to add the new Parish Clerk, Mark Blyton, to    HSBC online banking


(c)  Schedule of online payments


RESOLVED the schedule of payments was approved.  The Parish Clerk was asked to circulate by email details of the payment for work on the changing rooms.


079/2021          Date of Next meeting


                           13th September 2021 at 7pm








Parish Council Chairman……………………………………..    29th July 2021