Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 8th November 2021 at Goseley Community Centre


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), G Tubey, P Smith, K Coe, D West, J Slawson, N Jenkinson, D Stretton, S Sharland


Parish Clerk, A Barnes (Locum)


In attendance: County Councillor D Muller and District Councillors S Taylor and M Gee


4 members of the public


Cllr Jones welcomed Cllrs and the members of the public to the meeting.


118/2021          Public participation

A resident raised concerns regarding planning application DMPA/2021/1263.  The resident reported he lived next door to the proposed development and confirmed no prior notification has been received from SDDC.  The resident has opposed the planning application due to the extended development overlooking his property and the impact it will have on their enjoyment of their property and is outside of the settlement.  . The resident challenged SDDC regarding the planning about the application and case officer is relying on 2 policies, affordable housing and rural gardens to extend, which does not fit into the area.  Resident asked for the support of the Parish Council to object and for the application to be decided by the planning committee.


Cllr Muller reported he is on the planning committee for SDDC, SDDC members cannot comment before it goes to committee.  The Parish Council objection does have some weight.  Cllr Taylor confirmed he would pass the comments made to SDDC and will request the decision be made at a planning committee.


The treasurer of Woodville Football club has sent 3 quotes for goal posts to be used at Goseley football pith and has been shared the information with Cllrs.  They have been approached by Derbyshire FA who will help maintain the pitches, they will complete an assessment and funding would be available to help support.  All Cllrs agreed to the treasurer arranging the assessment and sharing.


The treasurer confirmed there are no safety concerns regarding the posts and he will arrange with the lengthman to organise a visit to the changing rooms to see if the posts will fit.  Cllr Jenkinson suggested a bid be put into Hartshorne Charities to pay towards the posts and the Parish Council to pay for the goals posts to be put in the ground. Blooming Gardens and Treasurer will look at costings for putting the goals in the ground.  All Cllrs in agreement for the proposal to be completed.


119/2021          To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members



County Council

Cllr Muller reported the community fund is available to use and will donate towards the goals if there is any funding left.

Cllr Muller confimed the area forum is due to take place next week, agreement is in place for the forum to be done remotely but his preference is face to face as it is the only time the police are able to attend the meetings

Freeport nothing further to report

Flood Liaison meeting took place last week, Cllr Muller has not heard of any flooding issues in Hartshorne but Cllr Smith reported a few issues in Monk Street.

Cllr Muller confirmed the Police and Crime Commissioner is hoping to be in the area after Christmas

Cllr Jenkinson asked why has the road at Church Gresley not been incorporated in the new roundabout?  Cllr Muller will ask Highways


District Council

Cllr Gee confirmed there had been reports of Swadlincote being closed at Christmas which is untrue

Cllr Gee confirmed the A511 is being linked up to the new road on the new estate and there will be traffic light for 12 weeks

Cllr Taylor reported he has received further information regarding the maintenance at the Pavillion at Goseley and whose responsibility it is.  To summarise the pavilion has been patchwork repaired, the parish council has previously taken on some responsibilities but any further concerns should be passed to SDDC. An inspection should identify what work is required.  Cllr Jones reported the parish council pay for the water supply and legionella testing.  Cllr Taylor reported SDDC are responsible for the exterior.

Cllr Taylor reported the area forums cannot be known as constitutional meetings due to being online but will continue on the basis of a community meeting. 


120/2021          Apologies

                           Cllr Burley

                           Cllr Landsborough

                           Cllr Mycock

                           Cllr Redfern


121/2021          Variation to the order of business



122/2021          Declaration of members interests

Cllr Jenkinson 128/2021 website

123/2021         To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 11th October 2021

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record. All Cllrs agreed.


124/2021          Recreation Grounds

No minutes received from previous meeting

Cllr Jones confirmed O’Connor have completed an inspection and quoted LED fittings at Gosley Recreation Ground Changing Rooms work to be done on 18th November 2021.

RESOLVED all Cllrs agreed for to be work being completed at a cost off £167.33 + VAT

Cllr Jones confirmed a quotation in relation to playground inspection and maintenance regime had been received from Kopman. 

RESOLVED Clerk to request a more detailed quote

Cllr Jones reported there was a small fire on Goseley Recreation Ground the fire service attended and put up a notice for more information, not much damage and no further action required


125/2021          Clerks report and Action Log

RESOLVED Cllr Jenkinson to look if any email quotes have been received

RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to hold off on advertising until all paperwork has been received and sorted


126/2021          Planning Applications

·         DMPA/2021/1523 The erection of pitched roof & canopy on front elevation of 74 Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote – no observations

·         DMPA/2021/1098 Change of use from stables to Use Class C3 (Dwelling house), demolition of hay barn, erection of single storey extension with associated works; and change of use of paddock to associated residential garden at 2 The Limes, Woodville Road, Hartshorne – Cllr Smith concerns encroachment into the countryside, shifting line of building, Object on the grounds of encroachment into the countryside and changing a building that was used for lifestock

-the planning application is a 4 bedroom house

-outside of the village boundary,

-encroachment on privacy of residents

·         DMPA/2021/1321 The erection of two storey extensions and remodelling of existing dwelling at 26 Sandcliffe Road, Midway, Swadlincote, - no observations

·         DMPA/2021/1663 The removal of existing outbuilding and erection of a conservatory at 21 Winchester Drive, Midway, Swadlincote- no observations

·         DMPA/2021/1145 Proposed change of use of land for leisure/tourism use and erection of 4 No timber clad tourism units on Land at SK3221 9755 Ticknall Road, Hartshorne.  Cllr Smith raised concerns that the parish council were not notified beforehand.

RESOLVED Clerk to request an extension for discussion at the next meeting

·         Cllr Smith raised concerns that the parish council are not receiving planning notifications, and no notices from SDDC are being put on lampposts. 

Cllr Taylor confirmed he would raise the issue




Planning Decisions

DMOT/2021/1265 Non material amendment to planning permission ref. DMPA/2019/1327 seeking update the reference to the approved drawing schedule at Broomy Farm, Land at Woodville Road, Hartshorne-Approved

DMOT/2021/1415 Non-material amendment to permission ref. DMPA/2019/1327 seeking amendment to condition 1 to update the reference to the approved drawing schedule relating to approval of reserved matters for layout, scale, appearance and landscaping relating to phases 1A and 1B only for the erection of 180 dwellings, along with layout and landscaping of public open space areas and appearance and landscaping of the spine road for phase 1 (re-plan) under outline permission ref. 9/2018/0767 on Land at Broomy Farm, Woodville Road, Hartshorne-Approved


127/2021          Highways and Public Footpaths

Cllr Jenkinson raised concerns regarding the traffic lights at Morrisons and the adverse effect this is having on residents.  Cllr Taylor reported traffic in the area is an issue throughout the day which may get worse due to developments in the area. Residents have raised a number of complaints. 

RESOLVED Clerk to contact Cllr Muller to request a representative from Highways attend a meeting to discuss concerns.


128/2021         Website and Communications

Cllr Jenkinson reported he has been working on the new website for the parish council.   The website has been made as accessible as possible and he asked the Cllrs to send him any comments.  Cllr Jenkinson reported the clerk has to apply for a gov.uk address and will forward information.  Invoice will be sent for the next meeting which includes 2 years support. 

RESOLVED Cllrs agreed the invoice will be paid at the next meeting.

RESOLVED All Cllrs in agreement for the newsletter to be completed next April.


129/2021          Allotments

Cllr Jones confirmed Plot 1 has become available and has received the key back.  RESOLVED Clerk to check the waiting list and Cllr Jenkinson to promote on the website


130/2021          Finance


November payments


Cllr Jones confirmed he had met with HSBC and the following Cllrs are able to sign cheques, Cllr Jones, Cllr Mycock, Cllr Jenkinson, Cllr West and Cllr Slawson.  Cllr Coe reported HSBC will complete BACS payments.




Clerk Salary for November



Goseley Community Centre

Room hire Sept & Nov



O’Connor Electricals

Electrical installation report



Royal British Legion


Annual donation £50.00

Lamppost poppies £60.00

Wreath £20.00



Blooming Gardens

Mowing and initial marking out of football pitch



RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to the payments above

131/2021          Cricket Club WiFi grant

Clerk confirmed costings for WIFI at the cricket club are, installation fee of £140 plus £420 wifi payment for the year.  RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to pay £500 towards the cost. 


132/2021          Any other business

Cllr Jenkinson reported a Hartshorne charity meeting is taking place on the 29th November 2021

RESOLVED Cllr Jenkinson to purchase golf vouchers for the previous clerk at £100.  Cllr Coe proposed and Cllr Smith seconded.


133/2021          Date of Next meeting

                           13th December 2021 7pm at Hartshorne Cricket Club



Meeting closed at 8.45pm





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