Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 11th October 2021 at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), G Tubey, M Mycock, N Landsborough, P Smith, J Burley,


Parish Clerk, A Barnes (Locum)


In attendance: County Councillor D Muller and District Councillors S Taylor and M Gee


1 member of the public


Cllr Jones welcomed Cllrs and the member of the public to the meeting.


100/2021          Public participation

The treasurer from Woodville football club confirmed he has shared the information with the chair regarding prices following the previous meeting.  Cllrs Jones reported the subcommittee have not made a decision and asked the treasurer of the football club to acquire 2 further quotes and share the prices with the Chair before a decision is made.


101/2021          To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council

Cllr Muller reported community support they are giving for GAP and £500 should be in the bank account shortly, the other resident in the village has also donated money to Cllr Coe.

Cllr Muller confirmed he had asked the question to the local MP why she is not involved with the freeport. The MP confirmed NorthWest Leicester are involved with the project and the local MP for that area is sitting on the management committee.

Cllr Muller confirmed he had received an email from a resident expressing concern about speeding in front of primary school. Cllr Muller has contacted the police & crime commissioner for the area to discuss. The PCC has confirmed she will arrange a meeting at Hartshorne to discuss the issues and plans she has that may help resolve concerns.  Cllr Muller will reply back to the resident.


District Council

Cllr Taylor reported the local plan timescales, the current local plan is in place until 2028.  South Derbyshire District Council need to plan beyond this date and timescales are to be determined which are being discussed.  The district council are currently delivering housing needs in line with the local plan.  A Cllr asked if the discussion taking place here be taken into consideration?  Cllr Taylor confirmed there is a p that identifies possible development sites.  Full council determines the local plan which then goes to inspectors.

Cllr Taylor confirmed the Regeneration and development sites contractor has gone into liquidation.  Unsure what will happen to finish the work.  Cllr Muller confirmed the company was 54million in debt and it will be up to the County Council to decide.

Cllr Jones reported one developer has a website where it states they will work with the district council to bring forward a site. Cllr Taylor reported the district council was required to consider all application but would make an independent decision.  Cllr Muller reported a local plan does not guarantee planning applications will not be submitted

Cllr Gee confirmed it is Woodville Pavillion is maintained not Goseley as reported in the last meeting

Cllr Gee confirmed Swadlincote Christmas Lights has not been cancelled; a lot of activities are planned throughout the day to discourage mass meetings of people.


102/2021          Apologies

                           Cllr K Coe

                           Cllr S Sharland

                           Cllr D West

Cllr N Jenkinson

Cllr J Slawson


103/2021          Variation to the order of business



104/2021          Declaration of members interests


105/2021         To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 13th September 2021

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record apart from Cllr Gee correction Woodville Pavillion not Goseley. Proposed by Cllr Smith and seconded by Cllr Mycock all other Clrs agreed.


106/2021          Recreation Grounds

No minutes received from previous meeting


107/2021          Clerks report and Action Log

Cllr Jones confirmed he had received some files from the late clerks wife and will check if she has a laptop which is the Parish Councils. 

Cllr Mycock reported LC had donated £600 for the parish council to purchase new notice boards. The noticeboards have not been purchased yet due to them costing more than the £600 donated.

RESOLVED Clerk to check if donation has been received

PO Box information sent to the Chair, change of ownership requesting signed confirmation from both parties.

RESOLVED Cllr Jones and previous clerk to sign letter to confirm renewal

Cllr Jones confirmed he has an appointment booked with HSBC bank regarding a letter received advising they will be closing the account. The appointment has been made for the 25th October 2021. Cllr Jones confirmed a letter has been sent to request change of address to Cllr Jones


108/2021          Planning Applications


DMPA/2021/1465 The erection of 2no. detached dwellings on Land to the south of No. 49 Manchester Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7BE. Cllr Jones confirmed he had received an email from residents on Manchester Lane expressing their objections stating the site lies outside the village development boundary and is classed as agricultural land. Cllr Smith reported there is a conflict with the other 2 applications which were submitted previously and makes a mockery of the planning system.


RESOLVED – object on the grounds of above and does not match the line of any current building, forward part of the site will be prominent in the street, and loss of wildlife habitat due to the new hedge will have to be removed if planning is granted. Clerk to email SDDC planning



Planning Decisions

DMPA/2021/1160 The erection of an extensions and alterations at 2 Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AF – Approved subject to conditions

DMPA/2021/0826 Retrospective application for engineering operations to strip and store topsoil, conditioning of subsoil including removal of rubble, before replacement of subsoil and seed for grazing at 2 Coal Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7FN – Approved with conditions


109/2021          Highways and Public Footpaths

Cllr Lansbury confirmed the pavement is crumbling on Pear Tree Close in Hartshorne and residents are sweeping up the mess.

RESOLVED Clerk to email Highways raising concern for the safety of residents.  Cllr Lansbury to organise a signed petition from resident with at least 10 signatures so that the issue will be reported to a cabinet member. 

Cllr Tubey raised concerns regarding the missing street sign on Coventry close and Sandcliffe Road Junction on the southern side of the road. 

RESOLVED Clerk to contact SDDC


110/2021         Website and Communications

No information to report


111/2021          Allotments

No information for the meeting. Cllr Jones thinks there may be one allotment vacancy.


112/2021          Finance


October payments




Water supply at Goseley Pavillion



Hartshorne Cricket Club

Hire of room for July and October




Clerk Salary for Sept & Oct



British Heart Foundation

Donation in memory of late clerk



RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to payments above


Cllr Jones confirmed a wreath is required for the war memorial and all Cllrs agreed to a donation of £60 for the Royal British Legion Remembrance Day.  A discussion also took place regarding the poppies on lampposts.  All Cllrs agreed to purchase an extra 20.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact the local Royal British Legion to arrange.


Charity donation on behalf of the late clerk for the British Heart Foundation.

RESOLVED Parish Council to donate £50, Cllr Smith Proposed and Cllr Mycock seconded.

Cllr Mycock confirmed she has sent some flowers to the late Clerks wife and will ask for donations from Cllrs.


113/2021          Cricket Club WiFi grant

Cllr Jones confirmed an email had been received requesting a donation for the cricket club and he will forward to the clerk to send out to Cllrs.


114/2021          Procedures for appointment of Parish Clerk

RESOLVED Job description and advert to be sent to clerk so it can be shared with DALC and added to the website.

115/2021          Cllr Smith update

Cllr Smith raised concerns from residents regarding the firework displays and the noise, is there a plan for fireworks at Hartshorne. Cllr Lansbury reported there will not be an event held in Harsthorne.  Cllr Smith will feedback to the residents.

Notice boards in the village require updating as it still had the previous clerks contact details.  Cllr Smith confirmed he would remove the old signs.

South Derbyshire residents, schools, community groups and organisations are being given an opportunity to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as our popular Free Tree Scheme returns for another year in partnership with the National Forest Company.  Households can ask for up to two trees. Schools, organisations, and community groups can apply for up to ten.  Trees ordered in October will be available for collection on fixed dates in early December. 

Once people have planted their trees, they can support the Queen’s Green Canopy by adding them to the project’s online virtual map.  Applications can be made online at www.southderbyshire.gov.uk/freetreescheme or by calling 01283 595795.

Applications will be open from 9am Monday 4 October until midnight on Sunday 31 October. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Business start-up and Business support grants for those that have started a new business in the last year.  Grants up to £10,000 which are aimed at those that have started a new business venture. www.derbyshire.gov.uk/visionderbyshirebusinesssupport


South Derbyshire Business Advice Service are running a session for those that have recently sent up a business, become self-employed or are considering doing so.  The session will be run via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 12th Oct 4.30pm – 7pm for further information and to book email;business@southderbyshire.gov.uk


New Mapping Portal.  Information to all residents on grass cutting, bin collections, street cleaning, litter and dog bins, grit bins and Public Rights of Way.  www.southderbyshire.gov.uk/mymaps



116/2021          Confidential item - Personnel

Cllr Jones confirmed SDCVS have attempted to pay the late clerk but payment was rejected as the account has been closed.  Cllr Jones has contacted the late clerk’s wife for new account details but is awaiting a reply

RESOLVED Cllr Mycock proposed, and Cllr Burley seconded the clerk be paid at the same rate as previous clerk.

A discussion took place regarding paying bills by cheque, Cllrs believed Cllr Slawson is the only one who is able to sign cheques. 


RESOLVED Cllrs to sign a cheque for the cricket club to ensure the payment goes through


117/2021          Date of Next meeting


                           8th November 2021 7pm at Goesley Community Centre



Meeting closed at 8.25pm





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