Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 12th December 2022 at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), N Landsborough, J Burley, P Smith, N Jenkinson, J Slawson


Parish Clerk, A Barnes


In attendance: Cllr Muller


1 member of the public


Cllr Jones welcomed everyone to the meeting.


157/2022            Public participation



158/2022            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council


District Council


159/2022            Apologies

Cllr Redfern

                           Cllr West

                           Cllr Tubey

                           Cllr Mycock

                           Cllr Coe


160/2022            Co-option of Parish Councillors

The Council resolved to co-opt Mr Jim Seaton to the Parish Council.  Mr Seaton signed the acceptance of office and took their place alongside the Councillors. 


161/2022            Variation to the order of business


162/2022            Declaration of members interests

             167/2022 Cllr Jenkinson website

             169/2022 Cllr Jones SDCVS


162/2022           To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 14th November 2022

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.  All Cllrs agreed.


163/2022            Recreation Grounds


7a Recreational Grounds – RESOLVED that further information regarding quotes for work be gained

7b Noticeboards – Clerk confirmed she had emailed a building company and is awaiting a reply. It was agreed information on what the Parish Council are responsible for should be placed in the noticeboards.

7c Football pitches – Cllr Jones reported a meeting had taken place with the football clubs.  Woodville have requested that the Goseley site car park be cleared which they are happy to do but have requested Cllrs hire a chipper.. Cllr Smith reported the Parish Council should hire someone to complete the chipping who has insurance in place.  Trench to be dug out and padlock purchased.  Car park to be cleared twice a year.  RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to the above actions.

Sailsbury Drive container requires emptying by Stapenhill club which they will be doing in the new year and return the key. 

7d Trim Trail equipment survey to be completed in the new year.


164/2022            Clerks report and Action Log

a.    SDDC Summer Scheme.  RESOLVED Cllrs agree to the scheme being run next year

b.    SDCVS annual general meeting 16th January 2023.  RESOLVED Cllr Jones to attend

c.     Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service's six-week consultation on its draft Our Plan 2023 - 2026, and Budget 2023 – 2024

d.     SAAA appointed external auditor for the 2022-23 financial year

e.     Clerk asked Cllrs to forward ideas for S106 money to be spent.


165/2022            Planning Applications


DMPA/2022/0858: Notification of amendment to planning application Erection of part single storey and part two storey rear extension and dropped kerb at 65 Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote – no observations


 Planning Decisions


DMPA/2022/1324 Conversion Of Existing Garage Into Wheelchair Accessible Bedroom and Shower Room and Proposed Detached Single Garage at 3 Millpool Close, Hartshorne – Approved with conditions


166/2022            Highways and Public Footpath

Cllr Slawson reported the potholes on Manchester Lane require filling.  RESOLVED Cllr Smith to report


167/2022           Website and Communications

Cllr Jenkinson reported he has been updating the website and will upload the privacy notice and accessibility statement.


168/2022            Allotments


RESOLVED Clerk to gain more information regarding the quotes for the hedge.  February meeting proposed and agreed. 


169/2022            Finance


November payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary Nov



Hartshorne Cricket Club

Hire of hall




Installation on new bin



Bloomin Gardens

Grass cutting of x 2 pitches



Hartshorne Charities

Annual rent of allotments




Electricity for Goseley



A Barnes

Clerk expenses


All Cllrs agreed to the above payments

Payments received


Cllr Jones confirmed a finance meeting had taken place and the 2023/24 budget was discussed.  RESOLVED Cllrs agreed to accept the budget which was signed and attached to the minutes

RESOLVED that Cllrs agreed to the precept increase to £9624.00.  Budget signed, attached as appendix A.

170/2022 Speed Indicator Device Guidance


Clerk confirmed she has received 2 quotes and is awaiting another.  Council have agreed to 1 which will be moved to other sites, locations to be confirmed.  Main Street, Sandcliffe Road and Woodville Road have been discussed.


171/2022 Date of Next meeting


             9th January 2022 7pm at Goseley Community Centre


Meeting closed at 8.15pm





Parish Council Chairman……………………………………..    Date………………………….