Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 14th February 2022 at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), M Mycock, G Tubey, D West, N Jenkinson, N Landsborough, P Smith, Cllr Burley


Parish Clerk, A Barnes (Locum)


In attendance: District Councillors Cllr Gee, Cllr Taylor


1 member of the public


Cllr Jones welcomed Cllrs and members of the public to the meeting.


016/2022            Public participation

The treasurer of Woodville Football club confirmed he had sent the preferred quote for the football posts.  The treasurer also confirmed the FA had been in contact regarding the pitch assessment who reported they are a bit behind but will have an update soon. The football club will arrange for the posts to be secured to the side of the building or store elsewere, they will also remove the old posts. 


017/2022            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council


Cllr Muller sent his apologies, and the Clerk confirmed an email has been sent round to the Cllrs regarding the highway issues sent to him.  Cllr Muller has reported the issues and a worker has been allocated.


District Council

Cllr Gee discussed the new regeneration route and confirmed signage is still up for Leicester and Ashby, but not Swadlincote, which has been discussed with SDDC.  Cllr Taylor reported if the route is not utilised this will have an impact on the surrounding areas.  The road has not been adopted on the Leicester side therefore the traffic officers cannot direct traffic down the route.  Cllr Jones reported there is a District Council Report: Land Compensation Act 1973, could the adjacent households seek compensation if there was a lot more traffic?

Cllr Gee reported the Christmas activities in Swadincote were very well attended and brought a lot of business into the area.

Cllr Taylor said there have been reports of damage to the access drive at Green Lane and Manchester Lane where trees are being planted, the area has been looked at by a planning officer but due to existing access rights is a private matter.


018/2022            Apologies

                           Cllr Coe

Cllr Stretton

Cllr Sharland

Cllr Muller

Cllr Slawson

Cllr Redfern


019/2022            Variation to the order of business



020/2022            Declaration of members interests

                           Cllr Jenkinson website


021/2022           To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 10th January 2022

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.  All Cllrs agreed.


022/2022            Recreation Grounds


7a RESOLVED – Clerk confirmed an action log had been sent to Cllrs to confirm actions following the Recreational Group Meeting on 24th January 2022.  Recommendations accepted by Cllrs and the minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.  Clerk confirmed she is starting to complete the action points from the meeting.

7b Clerk confirmed she had received an email from the playground ground officer a SDDS and would send to Cllrs.

7c Goseley Football pitch. RESOLVED Cllrs agreed to the cost of £1129.68 inc VAT and clerk to obtain invoice.


023/2022            Clerks report and Action Log

Clerk confirmed the previous internal auditor is no longer completing audits, contact has been made with 2 companies, 1 who is not completing internal audits anymore and the other will send a quote.

Clerk confirmed she had received an email from SDDC asking if the parish would like to go ahead with the summer scheme as in previous years.  RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to go ahead with the summer scheme, Clerk to ask what dates they have free.

Clerk confirmed DCC has sent an email asking if the parish council would like to participate in the 2022 02 09 Public Rights of Way Minor Maintenance Claims 2021-22 scheme.  Cllrs asked if the scheme can be used for the hedge near the school or for hardcore on Woodville Road.  RESOLVED Cllrs would like to go ahead with the scheme

Clerk confirmed the DALC Spring Seminar is being held on 5th April 2022 at a cost of £55.  RESOLVED Cllr West to attend.

Noticeboards.  RESOLVED Cllr Jenkinson to measure all noticeboards which will be wooden and send information to Clerk who will obtain pricing from HMP Dovegate

Cllr Mycock asked if they will be purchasing Jubilee Benches for the Recreational Grounds which has been agreed to.  RESOLVED Cllrs to look benches available and agree at the March meeting


024/2022            Planning Applications


DMPA/2022/0030 The erection of extension at 132 Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote –no observations


DMPA/2021/0983 Outline application (matters of access to be considered now with matters of layout, scale, appearance and landscaping reserved for later consideration) for the erection of three dwellings at Land to the rear of 69a and 69b, Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AF – object on the grounds that the first house extends beyond the line of the development, access on the bend is not ideal and intrusion into the countryside.


DMPN/2021/1896 Certificate of Lawfulness for the erection of a single storey rear replacement extension at 6 Truro Close, Midway, Swadlincote - no observations


Planning Decisions


025/2022            Highways and Public Footpaths

Cllr Jenkinson raised concerns regarding the Willow Tree, which is leaning on Ticknall Road past the Bell on the right hand sign opposite house number 105.  Cllr Jenkinson has bought it to the attention of the landowner and Cllr Smith confirmed he has reported it to BT.  RESOLVED Clerk to report to DCC

Clerk confirmed Cllr Sharland sent an email regarding the second gate, which has now been removed on the footpath on Sandcliffe Road.

Clerk confirmed she had sent an email to Cllrs with information regarding footpaths

Cllr Smith reported the footpath through Smiths Gores requires looking at as a tree has fallen down across the path.  RESOLVED Cllr Smith to send footpath number to Clerk who will report to DCC

Cllr Burley confirmed she had reported the pot holes on Brook Dale Road to DCC via the website which have been filled.


026/2022           Website and Communications

Cllr Jenkinson confirmed he is updating the website and has looked at the website accessibility which seems to be standard and a paragraph is on the website.  Cllr West asked that the website be promoted in the new noticeboards.

RESOLVED Newsletter to be published before the Annual meeting and the Chair would welcome content from Cllrs.


027/2022            Allotments

Cllr Smith reported there is a van in the allotments which has been there for some time.  Cllr Jones reported it was not there today, to be monitored.


028/2022            Finance


January payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary



Zurich Insurance

Parish Council Insurance



PKF Littlejohn

External Audit




Goseley Pavillion




Electricity (write asking if £40 can be refunded as a gesture of goodwill)



RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to the payments above


029/2022            Any other business



030/2022            Date of Next meeting


                           14th March 2022 7pm at Goseley Community Centre



Meeting closed at 8.07pm





Parish Council Chairman……………………………………..    Date………………………….