Minutes of the annual meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 9th May 2022 at Goseley Community Centre


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), M Mycock, G Tubey, N Jenkinson, P Smith, K Coe, D West, J Burley, P Redfern


Parish Clerk, A Barnes


In attendance: County Councillor Muller,


1 member of the public


Cllr Jones welcomed Cllrs and members of the public to the meeting.


063/2022            Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

a.     Councillor Mrs M Mycock proposed Councillor A Jones as Chairman for the forthcoming year this was seconded by Councillor P Smith.

b.     Councillor J Burley proposed Councillor Mrs M Mycock as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year this was seconded Councillor N Jenkison.


RESOLVED Councillor A Jones is elected Chairman and Councillor Mrs M Mycock is elected Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year.


064/2022            Fix the amount of the Chairman’s and Vice Chairman’s Allowances.

a.     It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Burley and seconded by Councillor Mrs Coe that the allowance for the Chairman is £50.00 and for the Vice Chairman £25.00.


RESOLVED The Chairman have an allowance of £50.00 and Vice-Chairman have an allowance of £25.00 for the forthcoming year financial year.


065/2022            Appointment of Members to serve on Working Party of the Parish Council



a.     RESOLVED that the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mrs K Coe, D West and N Jenkinson are appointed to the Finance Working Group.



b.     RESOLVED that the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs J Burley, Mrs N Landsborough P Smith and Mrs K Coe are appointed to the Recreation Working Group.  Cllr Burley and Cllr Mycock proposed and seconded Cllrs Landsborough & Slawson  are appointed in their absence.


c.     RESOLVED that each Working Group to meet twice a year. Clerk to propose dates for the next meeting.


066/2022            Appointment of Members to serve on Outside bodies.


1.     Highways Forum 

2.     Environment Forum

3.     Parish/ District meeting

4.     Safer Neighbourhood Meetings (both Swadlincote and Newhall)

5.     Flood Liaison Committee


It was agreed that as the above meetings are held infrequently and are open to the public; the Parish Council will ensure that they are represented and Cllr Smith will attend the flood liaison meetings and report back to the parish council


The following Councillors were elected to represent the Parish Council-

1.     Hartshorne Charities -  Councillors Jones, Mrs J Burley  and Mrs Mycock

2.     Dethick Education Foundation  – Councillors Mrs J Slawson and Mrs K Coe.

3.     Goseley Community Centre – Councillors Mrs N Landsborough and Mrs J Burley.

4.     Dethick Hall Committee -  Councillors Mrs J Slawson and Mrs K Coe


067/2022            Public participation



068/2022            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council


District Council




Cllr Jones raised concerns from a resident regarding parking outside Kendrick Close layby and the safety concerns as cars are encroaching onto the dual carriage way and it was resolved Cllr Muller would raise the matter with highways and police.


069/2022            Apologies

Cllr Sharland

Cllr Stretton

Cllr Slawson

Cllr Landsborough


070/2022            Variation to the order of business



071/2022            Declaration of members interests

Cllr Jenkinson 077/2022 website and planning application 075/2022 DMPN/2022/0473

                           Cllr Jones SDCVS payment 079/2022


072/2022           To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 11th April 2022

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.  Cllr Smith proposed and Cllr Coe seconded.  All Cllrs agreed.


073/2022            Recreation Grounds


RESOLVED that all Cllrs email preferred locations of the benches before an onsite meeting is arranged.

·         Clerk confirmed she had not ordered the Noticeboards due to end of year finances

RESOLVED Cllrs agreed to the purchase of 1 noticeboard at Goseley Community Centre. 

RESOLVED Cllrs agree to the line marker being purchased

·         Clerk confirmed SDDC has completed a playground inspection at Mount Road and the following was reported:

·         A shackle was replaced at the time of inspection on the Flat swings as a nut had nearly worked its way out. It has also been identified that the links on the swing need replacing asap. 

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DSK Engineering to check.

RESOLVED that the clerk would contact Blooming Gardens to review the Japanese knotweed


074/2022            Clerks report and Action Log

·         Cllr Jones reported that the Defib machine at Leewood Road, Goseley Community Centre and the Rodney requires new pads.

RESOLVED Cllr Coe to check the defibs and send information to the Clerk to order

·         Leewood Valley Community Asset Cllr Jones reported that SDDC turned request down as use being claimed was an ancillary use, not primary use.  Cllr Smith requested that Leewood Valley continue to be added to the agenda.


075/2022            Planning Applications


DMPN/2022/0473 Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building to dwelling house at 8 Manor Farm, Church Street, Hartshorne – no observations, Cllr Smith supported good use of a redundant building


DMPA/2022/0359 Construction of 1 detached dwelling and garage at Land to the rear of 53-67 Woodville Road, Hartshorne – oppose on the grounds that it is over development of the previously approved site and loss of open space


DMPN/2021/1896 Notice of amendment Prior Notification of single storey rear extension, with eaves of 2.7 metres and maximum height of 3.6 metres extending 4 metres from the rear wall at 6 Truro Close, Midway, Swadlincote – no observations


DMPA/2022/0041 Resolved that Cllrs would relook at the proposed application and send comments via email.


 Planning Decisions


DMPN 2022/0391 Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed: Formation, Alteration and Maintenance of Private Ways for Agricultural use at Nether Hall Wood, Repton Road, Hartshorne – Refused

DMPA/2021/1897 The extension and conversion of the existing triple garage (accommodation above) to form a new dwelling and the erection of a single garage. 37 Repton Road, Hartshorne – approved



076/2022            Highways and Public Footpaths

·         Cllr's Burley, Redfern and Smith reported large HGV’s traveling to and from Pickstock's Abattoir through Hartshorne village along the A514, during the night and the early hours of the morning.  Some years ago, a 'gentleman's agreement' was established that all large HGVs should use the A511 to the Boundry island - Ashby bypass to the roundabout at Derby Road, Smisby and then into Coal Lane. This was, and is the preferred route and would cause less sleep disruption to the residents along the A514 and through the village.  Resolved that Clerk to write to Cllr Muller requesting DCC Highways contact Pickstock's 

·         Cllr Smith reported he had met with the Right of Way Officer and discussed issues regarding the footpath alignment at Short Hazel Farm.  The Right of Way Office has been in contact with the landowner requesting the footpath be realigned.

·         Cllr West reported that the site adjacent to Restricted Byway No30 near Buildings Farm is an eyesore and spoils the enjoyment by the many that walk this part of South Derbyshire.  Can we contact the land owners (Forestry Commission England and have the tenant (Midlands Logging) clean up and tidy up the mess.  Resolved that Clerk contact Forestry Commission England to ask that rubbish and stacked timber to be made safe and site be tidied.


077/2022           Website and Communications

Cllr Jenkinson reported the newsletter has been completed and distributed.


078/2022            Allotments

Clerk confirmed the allotment map is almost complete and thanked Cllr Jenkinson for his support.  Cllr Jenkinson reported some of the allotments were in a bad state and it was resolved that a meeting be arranged and the Clerk would send a new agreement and highlight that the allotments should be kept tidy. 

Cllr Smith reported he was happy to help tidy allotments and proposes that notification be given that the lock will be changed. 


079/2022            Finance


May payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary April



Goseley Community Centre

Hire of hall



MH Goals

Line Marker



RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to the payments above

The Clerk has now obtained full financial information from the previous year’s accounts, the Council’s income had been less than forecast due to concurrent expenses and VAT being claimed in the previous year in view of this new information the Clerk advised the Council that they should review the proposed budget for the current year.  RESOLVED that a finance group meeting be arranged.

Clerk confirmed the end of year accounts are completed and awaiting collection from the internal auditor.  Thank you to Cllr West for his support.

Clerk confirmed she has sent off the concurrent expense form for 2021/22 to SDDC

Clerk confirmed Hartshorne Cricket Club will not be charging the parish for June meeting room hire as this will be their contribution towards the flyers.  All Cllrs in agreement


080/2022            Section 106 application

Clerk confirmed she had requested an application form to look at requesting money for the trim trail at Main Street.


081/2022           Any other business



Date of Next meeting

                                        13th June 2022 7pm at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Meeting closed at 8.35pm





Parish Council Chairman……………………………………..    Date………………………….