Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 17th July 2023 7pm at Goseley Community Centre


Present: Councillors J Seaton (Chair), G Tubey, K Coe, J Slawson, R Redfern, C Rogers, J Burley, M Mycock, S Bigg


Parish Clerk, A Barnes


In attendance: Cllr Muller, Cllr Gee


0 members of the public


Cllr Seaton welcomed everyone to the meeting.


271/2023            Public participation



272/2023            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council

Cllr Muller reported the following:

No further information regarding the freeport and devolution, a deal will only likely go ahead with devolution if a mayor is agreed

DCC are promoting carers and a contact number is available for anyone that requires help.  Cllr Bigg reported the care in this area was excellent.

Bus services from the 23rd July to 27 August on a Sunday morning will be free.  Cllr Mycock asked why the free bus service cannot go around the estate? Cllr Muller reported if devolution takes place DCC will be responsible for the buses and will push for the bus service to be brought back.

There is a drive by the police and crime commissioner for anti-social behaviour.  They are looking at putting more police and facilities in the hot spot areas.  Please let Cllr Muller know of any areas.  Cllr Muller encourages residents to go to the area forums as police attend the meetings.  Cllr Seaton asked if any police would be in the area regarding speeding as this comes under anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Muller advised the parish council to share speeding equipment with other parishes.  Money available from community fund.

Cllr Seaton asked who do Ticknall Parish Council apply to, to get the shared speeding device back to Ticknall? Cllr Muller confirmed he has requested it back from Ticknall Parish Council and suggested the Clerk contact the parish

Cllr Bigg asked when the work maybe starting on Repton Road.  Cllr Muller will advise.


District Council

Cllr Gee reported the following:

The takeaway on High Street has been boarded up.

Individuals from the surrounding areas are being encouraged to use the regeneration route to free up traffic in other areas

A tree has fallen down on the cutting and advises the parish council to get the others checked.

Cllr Burley reported it is difficult to walk on the footpath at the cutting as the hedge and trees are all overgrown.  Cllr Gee will report.

Cllr Mycock reported that the amount of weeds around the estate is out of control.  Cllr Gee will report.


273/2023            Apologies

                           N Landsborough

                           A Jones

Cllr Taylor

Cllr Archer                      


274/2023            Variation to the order of business



275/2023            Declaration of members interests

Cllrs Burley and Mycock 281/2023 Goseley Community Centre payment


275623              To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 12th June 2023

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record apart from Mr Brassey not Mr Massey and signed by the Chair.  All Cllrs agreed.


276/2023            Recreation Grounds


7a Recreational Grounds –

·        Operational Inspection took place in June by SDDC, awaiting quotes for work

·        Prices for signs at Main St and container £486 +VAT for 5 signs and fitting.  Resolved Cllrs agree to the purchasing and fitting of the signs

·        A meeting is being organised with the Unpaid Work team regarding Goseley Changing rooms work

·        The SDDC summer scheme starting on the 31st July

7b Football pitches – nothing to report

7c Trim Trail equipment – A TEAM’s meeting took place on 13th July 2023 to discuss the trim trail equipment and videos were sent to all Cllrs regarding the equipment.  Concerns were raised that there is not a lot of equipment for the cost and Cllrs wondered whether the equipment will get used on a regular basis. Other equipment should be looked into that would be more suitable for the site.  Resolved clerk to gain further advice from SDDC as concurrent funding has been requested.


276/2023            Clerks report and Action Log

a.     Goseley Bus Service discussed above

b.     Leawood Valley boundary map has been sent to Cllr Jones to complete

c.     Parish and Town Council Liaison Forum taking place on Monday 18 September 2023

d.     Cllr Muller sent boundary review information

e.     Clerk reported the previous lengthman has passed away.  Condolences to be sent.


277/2023            Planning Applications


DMPA/2023/0844 Approval of reserved matters for plot 3 (appearance, landscaping, layout, scale, car parking and biodiversity enhancement scheme) pursuant to outline permission ref. DMPA/2021/0983 on Land to the rear of 69a and 69b, Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote – no observations

DMOT/2023/0858 Discharge of planning conditions 4 (CEMP), 5 (floor levels), 10 (drainage) relating to planning permission ref. DMPA/2021/0983 on Land to the rear of 69a and 69b, Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote - no observations

DMOT/2023/0865 Non-material amendment to permission ref. DMPA/2022/1499 (demolition of bungalow and erection of two detached dwellings) seeking amendment to facing materials at 4 Church Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote- no observations

DMOT/2023/0830 The approval of details reserved by condition 6 (soft landscaping details) relating to planning permission ref. 9/2017/0730 at Broomy Farm, Woodville Road, Hartshorne - no observations


Clerk to contact planning requesting info on work done at the Old Rectory at Church Street.


 Planning Decisions


DMOT/2023/0474 The approval of details reserved by condition 4 (surfacing materials) relating to planning permission ref. 9/2017/0730 on Land at Broomy Farm, Woodville Road, Hartshorne - approved


278/2023            Highways and Public Footpath

Cllr Burley reported the state of the pavements and a pothole on Main Street should be reported by the parish council.  Resolved clerk to report.

Cllr Bigg reported overgrown hedges on Manchester Lane. 

Cllr Burley reported the bus shelter on Elmsdale road is in a bad state.  Resolved clerk to report to DCC

Cllr Tubey reported the Repton Road junction is in a bad state.  Resolved clerk to report to DCC

Cllr Tubey reported Coventry Close and Hereford Crescent footpaths are in a bad state. Resolved clerk to report to DCC

Cllr Seaton reported the Speedwatch Training has been completed and will be looking at organising some dates as soon as possible.

Cllr Mycock report a resident has been in contact who lives at the back of Sailsbury Drive as the area is not being kept tidy.  Cllr Tubey to review and feedback.

Shared speeding device Resolved Clerk to contact Ticknall Parish Council


279/2023           Website and Communications

Nothing to report.


280/2023            Allotments

Clerk confirmed 3 new tenants have taken allotments.


281/2023            Finance


Current bank balance £12073.62


July payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary June



Goseley Community Centre

Hire of hall




Electricity for Goseley




Water for Goseley




Electrical work carried out at Goseley following leak




Rent of miscellaneous land



Melanie Smith

Upkeep of village green




Operational inspections of Rec areas


All Cllrs agreed to the above payment

Clerk confirmed a finance meeting will be arranged in the next couple of weeks.

Resolved that Cllr Coe proposed and Cllr Burley seconded that August payments for SDCVS, EON and Waterplus should be paid once invoices are received.


Payments received

282/2023 Speed Indicator Device Guidance

There is some confusion about who decides what locations the device will be placed at? Cllr Muller confirmed DCC will confirm the locations and an application would be required once agreed. Cllr Seaton reported a meeting regarding the SID had not taken place due to none agreement on a suitable date and a suggestion was made to request notes. Resolved. clerk to ask for a notes from Westco.


283/2023 Date of Next meeting


             11th September 2023 7pm at Goseley Community Centre


Meeting closed at 20.15pm





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