Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 13th March 2023 7pm at Goseley Community Centre


Present: Councillors A Jones (Chair), N Landsborough, N Jenkinson, M Mycock, G Tubey, J Seaton K Coe, P Smith, P Redfern, J Slawson


Parish Clerk, A Barnes


In attendance: Cllr Muller, Cllr Taylor


0 member of the public


Cllr Jones welcomed everyone to the meeting.


203/2023            Public participation


204/2023            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council

Cllr Muller reported the following:

DCC have settled the rates at an increase of 3.75% including 1.25% for social care.

3100 potholes have been repaired and 22774 reported.  Increased working gangs to 30+

The Community Fund has been allocated a small amount of money for the King’s Coronation. Please contact Cllr Muller directly for information.

To vote in the district elections you must take your ID.

Information has been received from residents regarding the b and c roads.  A list will be compiled.


District Council

Cllr Taylor reported the following:

SDDC have set the council tax increase at 1% with consideration of the difficulties residents are experiencing with the cost of living.

The economic development strategy has been updated, it has been relatively successful in South Derbyshire and important they continue the sustainability.


205/2023            Apologies

Cllr West

Cllr Gee

Cllr Burley


206/2023            Variation to the order of business


207/2023            Declaration of members interests

214/2022 Cllr Jenkinson website

215/2022 Cllr Jones, Mycock and Jenkinson allotments

216/2022 Cllr Jones SDCVS and Goseley payment


208/2023           To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 13th March 2023

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.  All Cllrs agreed.


209/2023            Recreation Grounds


7a Recreational Grounds – Clerk confirmed work on the fence, hedge and bench has been completed at Main Street.  Ongoing work in regard to the signs.

7b Noticeboards – Clerk confirmed Tree and Garden Services will be installing the noticeboards.

7c Football pitches – Clerk confirmed she had emailed the football club regarding the car park and is awaiting a reply. 

7d Trim Trail equipment – Clerk confirmed she is awaiting a reply from SDDC regarding the possibility of extra funding being available.


210/2023            Clerks report and Action Log

Clerk confirmed she has not received an update regarding the Goseley Bus Service.

Cllr Jones reported SDDC has agreed to fund some of the dial a ride service.  Residents should contact SDCVS to see if a service is possible but there may be a charge

Clerk confirmed correspondence received from Bayware regarding Oaklands Farm Solar Ltd.  Targeted consultation and update on proposals.  Emailed to Cllrs for information.

Clerk confirmed correspondence received from DCC regarding the local minerals plan consultation. Emailed to Cllrs for information.


211/2023            Planning Applications


DMPA/2023/0141: Notification of amendment to planning application Loft conversion to include the alteration to roof pitch and insertion of roof lights and a balcony at 22 Sandcliffe Road, Midway, Swadlincote – no observations


 Planning Decisions


DMOT/2022/0882 Non material amendment to planning permission ref. 9/2019/0382 seeking to change bricks and tiles on Broomy Farm, Land at Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote - approved


213/2023            Highways and Public Footpath

Clerk confirmed email had been received from a local resident regarding the grass verges at lower midway and requesting that they be cultivated.  Resolved Clerk to write to the school reminding parents to be vigilante when park on the verges.  Cllrs agreed that the responsibility of the cultivation of the area lies with the resident.

Cllr Mycock confirmed she had raised residents’ concerns regarding overgrown brambles on the path at Sailsbury Drive.  Reported to SDDC.

Cllr Jenkinson reported the trench dug out on Tower Road and Manchester Lane on the new development (Jenkinson Gardens) is subsiding.  Resolved report to SDDC planning requesting contractors finish the work

Cllr Seaton reported the road marking on several roads have faded.  Please report to Cllr Muller.

Cllr Smith confirmed he had reported potholes on the DCC website which have been completed.  Cllr Smith advised that anyone can report issues to DCC.

Cllr Seaton asked if any feedback has been received regarding the signs reported at Sandcliffe Road junction with the A511.  Clerk confirmed she had reported to DCC and would chase

Cllr Smith reported the giveway sign opposite the Rodney has disappeared and will report to DCC

Cllr Smith reported the footpaths officer has been in the area inspecting the footpaths and reviewed the 2 footpaths that have been blocked for a while.


214/2023           Website and Communications

Cllr Jenkinson reported he has uploaded the agenda and minutes to the website.

Newsletter is currently being completed. 

Cllrs agreed to the annual meeting taking place on the 15th May and the Annual Parish meeting on Wednesday 17th May 2023 at Dethick Hall 7.30pm


215/2023            Allotments

Clerk confirmed she had sent an email to SDDC planning S Saunders to confirm work is being completed on the car.  Cllr Smith confirmed due an email being sent this will have registered the work we are doing and no further action is required.

Allotment agreement discussed.  Resolved that Cllrs agree to adopt the new allotment agreement.

Cllr Smith reported it was great to be getting the work completed at the allotments and improve the area.


216/2023            Finance


Current bank balance £16994.10


February payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary Feb



Goseley Community Centre

Hire of hall




Electricity for Goseley



IM Plumbing

Fixing of taps at Goseley




Water for Goseley



Tree and Gardens Service

Works at Main St Rec Ground


All Cllrs agreed to the above payments


Payments received


217/2023 Speed Indicator Device Guidance


Clerk confirmed further quote has been received for £3652 inc Vat for a battery operated SID machine.  Resolved Clerk to send all 3 quotes for the SID’s and the new speed watch group will input.  Training is to be confirmed for the speed watch group.  Cllr Muller confirmed there is some funding available.


218/2023 Date of Next meeting


             17th April 2023 7pm at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Meeting closed at 20.15pm





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