Minutes of the annual meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 15th May 2023 at Goseley Community Centre


Present: Councillors J Seaton, (Chair), M Mycock, G Tubey, K Coe, J Burley, A Jones

Parish Clerk, A Barnes


In attendance: District Cllrs S Gee, M Taylor, A Archer


No member’s of the public


233/2023            Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

a.     Councillor Mrs J Burley proposed Councillor J Seaton as Chairman for the forthcoming year this was seconded by Councillor Mrs M Mycock.

b.     Councillor Mycock proposed Councillor Coe as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year this was seconded by Councillor Burley. 


RESOLVED Councillor Seaton is elected Chairman and Councillor Coe is elected Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year and declaration of office signed.  All Cllrs who sent nominations for the election signed the declaration of office.


234/2023            Co-option of Parish Councillors

The Council resolved to co-opt Nicola Landsborough, Stephen Bigg and Catherine Rogers to the Parish Council.  All signed the acceptance of office and took their place alongside the Councillors. 


235/2023            Fix the amount of the Chairman’s and Vice Chairman’s Allowances.

It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Landsborough and seconded by Councillor Mrs Burley that the allowance for the Chairman is £50.00 and for the Vice Chairman £25.00.


RESOLVED The Chairman have an allowance of £50.00 and Vice-Chairman have an allowance of £25.00 for the forthcoming year financial year.


236/2023            Appointment of Members to serve on Working Party of the Parish Council



a.     RESOLVED that the Chairman J Seaton, Vice Chairman, Mrs K Coe, Cllr Mycock, Cllr Tubey and Cllr Jones are appointed to the Finance Working Group.



b.     RESOLVED that the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs J Burley, Mrs N Landsborough, are appointed to the Recreation Working Group.  Cllr Burley and Cllr Mycock proposed and seconded Cllrs Slawson is appointed in her absence.


c.     RESOLVED that each Working Group to meet twice a year. Clerk to propose dates for the next meeting.


237/2023                         Appointment of Members to serve on Outside bodies.


1.     Highways Forum 

2.     Environment Forum

3.     Parish/ District meeting

4.     Safer Neighbourhood Meetings (both Swadlincote and Newhall)

5.     Flood Liaison Committee


It was agreed that as the above meetings are held infrequently and are open to the public; the Parish Council will ensure that they are represented and Cllr Smith will attend the flood liaison meetings and report back to the parish council.


The following Councillors were elected to represent the Parish Council-

1.     Hartshorne Charities -  Councillors Jones, Mrs J Burley  and Mrs Mycock

2.     Goseley Community Centre – Councillors  Jones, Mrs N Landsborough and Mrs J Burley.

3.     Dethick Hall Committee -  Councillors Mrs J Slawson , Catherine Rogers  and Mrs K Coe


238/2023                         Public participation



239/2023            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council

Apologies sent


District Council

Cllr Taylor introduced Cllr A Archer as a District Councillor along with Cllr Gee covering Hartshorne and Woodville ward.  They will continue to represent the District Council and attend meetings where possible.  Cllr Jones is now the District Councillor for lower midway.


240/2023            Apologies

Cllr Muller

Cllr Slawson


241/2023            Variation to the order of business



242/2023            Declaration of members interests

                           Cllr Jones confirmed any matters relating to planning.

                           Cllr’s Mycock, Landsborough and Burley Goseley payment 252/2023


243/2023           To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 17th April 2023

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.    All Cllrs agreed.


244/2023            Recreation Grounds

7a Recreational Grounds – Clerk confirmed ongoing work at Main Street in regard to the signs.  Clerk confirmed there had been a leak at Goseley Changing rooms, plumbing work has been completed however, further ceiling work is required.  Cllr Jones reported a tile missing from the roof and holes in the eaves, which should be inspected when the birds have stopped nesting. Resolved that the removal of the water tank be discussed at next meeting.

Cllr Burley confirmed that a resident reported that the new bench, sighted away from the path at Goseley is very muddy, could a few slabs be put down?  Resolved Clerk to get quote from Tree and Garden for service for slabs and concrete and contact Chris Smith at SDDC to request if the community payback scheme could complete.

7b Noticeboards – Signs completed.  Cllrs near the noticeboards are happy to place signs in monthly.

7c Football pitches – Clerk confirmed she had emailed the football club regarding the car park and is awaiting a reply.  Clerk confirmed she had arranged for mowing of the pitches.

7d Trim Trail equipment – Chairman signed the new agreements for parks.  Forms have been sent to SDDC for payment.  Resolved Cllrs Coe, Landsborough and Jones will meet for an onsite meeting.



245/2023            Clerks report and Action Log

Clerk confirmed the New Model Code of Conduct has been received and the Cllr’s are required to adopt the NALC or District model.  Resolved to forward to Cllrs and discuss next month.


246/2023            Planning Applications

No planning applications received


 Planning Decisions


DMPA/2022/1499 the variation of condition no.2 (relating to approved plans) and removal of condition 4 (relating to materials) of permission ref. DMPA/2020/1083 for demolition of bungalow and erection of two detached dwellings at 4 Church Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote - approved


247/2023            Highways and Public Footpaths

Cllr Seaton reported that the Sandcliffe Road Speed indicator Device which is shared with Ticknall is now back on Main Street.  Resolved Clerk to contact Cllr Muller to confirm shared agreement.

Cllr Seaton reported that his concerns regarding visibility and positioning of the HGV Signs at the junction of Burton Road (A511) and Sandcliffe Road have been considered.

He has had a reply back from DCC to confirm that they would not be repositioning or resizing but they will send an officer to review the condition of signage

Cllr Biggs reported issues with speeding on Repton Road and has been in contact with Truvelo regarding a handheld speed gun which is £2250.  Cllrs agreed the speed gun is not required at present but thanked Cllr Biggs for his time investigating.

Cllr Coe reported ongoing issues with potholes and speedhumps.


248/2023           Website and Communications

Clerk confirmed the Accessibility statement is now on the website.

Cllr Coe reported that the Newsletter has been completed and sent out.


249/2023            Allotments

Clerk confirmed the work has been completed at the allotments.  Resolved Clerk to ask allotment representative to show people on the waiting list around the site to choose a site and show split sites if required.  Onsite Allotment Meeting to be arranged 6pm on June 12th.


250/2023           To consider and complete Section 1 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022 / 2023


The internal audit report was circulated to Cllrs prior to the meeting.  Actions noted an agreed.  Section 1 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return was considered and matters arising were agreed, completed and signed by the Chairman.


251/2023            To approve Section 2 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Statements Return 2022 / 2023


Accounting Statements Section 2 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return was considered and agreed and signed by the Chairman.  Cllrs agreed to the dates of 27th June until 7th August 2023 for the exercise of public rights.  External audit will be completed by PK Littlewood.


252/2023            Finance


May payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary April



Goseley Community Centre

Hire of hall




Goseley Electricals








Goseley pavilion electricals



G Turner Accountancy

Internal Audit







Fox’s Printing




J Seaton

Chair expenses



RESOLVED All Cllrs agreed to the payments above

Clerk to arrange a finance meeting on the 3rd July via Zoom 6.30pm


253/2023            SID


Bracket location has not been decided yet and requires agreement from the County Council and Highways Cllrs.  Resolved Cllrs Seaton, Biggs, Burley, Mycock and Jones to meet Westco for an onsite meeting to discuss location machine options.

Cllr Rogers reported she has been to a Hartshorne Resident Association AGM, and it was requested the SID be place on Ticknall Road. 


254/2023            Any other business


Residents are also requesting a dog waste bin at St Peter’s Wood at the car park at the Church.  Resolved Cllr Coe to discuss with the Church.


Cllr Burley thanked Cllr Muller for his £250 contribution towards the Coronation event.



                                        12th June 2023 7pm at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Meeting closed at 8.05pm





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