Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Hartshorne Parish Council held at

7.00 pm on Monday, 11th September 2023 7pm at Goseley Community Centre


Present: Councillors J Seaton (Chair), K Coe, P Redfern, C Rogers, S Bigg, A Jones, N Landsborough, G Tubey


Parish Clerk, A Barnes


In attendance: Cllr Muller, Cllr Taylor, Cllr Archer


0 members of the public


Cllr Seaton welcomed everyone to the meeting.


284/2023            Public participation



285/2023            To receive reports from the Police Liaison Officer, County Councillors and District Council Members

County Council

Cllr Muller sent his condolences regarding Cllr Mycock

Cllr Muller confirmed if Cllrs had any comments/decision regarding the traffic order outside the school to inform him.

Cllr Muller confirmed the Repton Road speedbumps are on his agenda and has asked for clarity what the markings are for?  Response awaited.


District Council

Cllr Taylor reported he had no updates regarding SDDC.


286/2023            Apologies

Cllr Gee

J Slawson

Cllr Burley         


287/2023            Variation to the order of business



288/2023            Declaration of members interests

Cllr Jones Goseley Community Centre payment and planning

Cllr Landsborough allotments

Cllr Seaton speedwatch expenses


289/623             To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 17th July 2023

RESOLVED: Minutes agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.  All Cllrs agreed.


290/2023            Recreation Grounds


7a Recreational Grounds –

Resolved Cllrs agree for Tree and Garden services to pollard back to where all previous cuts have been on 7 trees including removal of waste £1,700 plus vat and the removal maple tree £500 plus VAT at Manor View. 

Clerk confirmed SDDC would like to discuss the Sailsbury Drive lease and whether the Parish Council would like to continue.  Resolved find out further information, cost of the lease and any change in contract.

Work confirmed and completed by SDDC at the recreational grounds.  Resolved Check Tree and Garden services have not completed the work on the bench at Main St.

Clerk confirmed she is still trying to organise a meeting with the unpaid work team regarding Goseley Community Centre

7b Football pitches – Invoices have been sent and season has started.  Blooming Gardens to complete cut and marking of pitch

7c Trim Trail equipment – A recreational ground meeting took place in August, recommended that the clerk contact SDDC for further advice.  Resolved contact play companies to arrange onsite meetings.


291/2023            Clerks report and Action Log

a.     Goseley Bus Service – no update

b.     Leawood Valley - The determination expiry date for the nomination is 9th October 2023.  Cllr Jones reported local members have been consulted.

c.     Area Forum meeting dates have been sent out for information.

d.     Shared agreement SID Ticknall.  Resolved Cllr Seaton to monitor whether SID has been returned and clerk to request range is adjusted. (Observed speeding cars past before registered)

e.     The Derbyshire County Council (Public Footpath No. 35 (part) – Parish of Hartshorne) Public Path Diversion Order 2023.  Resolved Cllr Jones proposed, and Cllr Coe seconded that Parish Council object due to the length of route for walkers without reason.

f.      Derbyshire County Council Snow Warden Scheme 2023-24 for information

g.     Hartshorne in Bloom.  Resolved Cllr Coe proposed, and Cllr Landsborough seconded Parish Council cannot undertake the planting.

h.     Expenses for Speedwatch.  Resolved Cllr Coe proposed, and Cllr Bigg seconded agree to pay for items purchased up to £100


292/2023            Planning Applications


DMPA/2023/0898 Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with 2no. dwellings and associated works at 67 Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7ET no observations


DMOT/2023/0923 Felling, pruning and pollarding of trees covered by Tree Preservation Order 207 on Land at The Cutting, Hartshorne Road, Woodville, Swadlincote, DE11 7HS no observations


DMPA/2023/0814 Provision of timber storage building, extension to existing timber and machinery store, installation of foul package treatment plant and laying out of parking spaces and revised yard access locations, together with new landscape screening for the existing woodyard and regularisation of historic log storage area at Buildings Farm, Ticknall Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AU no observations


DMPA/2023/0486 The installation of a modular block consisting of 4no. classrooms at Granville Academy, Burton Road, Woodville, Swadlincote, DE11 7JR no observations


DMOT/2023/0830 The approval of details reserved by condition 6 (soft landscaping details) relating to planning permission ref. 9/2017/0730 at Broomy Farm, Woodville Road, Hartshorne, DE11 7EY no observations


DMPA/2023/1042 The erection of single storey rear extension, full width box dormer and new detached single garage at 16 Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AF no observations


 Planning Decisions

DMPA/2023/0898 Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with 2no. dwellings and associated works at 67 Woodville Road, Hartshorne. – Delegates decision

DMPA/2023/0844 Approval of reserved matters for plot 3 (appearance, landscaping, layout, scale, car parking and biodiversity enhancement scheme) pursuant to outline permission ref. DMPA/2021/0983 on  Land to the rear of 69a and 69b, Repton Road, Hartshorne - Delegates decision


293/2023            Highways and Public Footpath

The Derbyshire County Council (Main Street, Hartshorne) (No Stopping School Keep Clear) Traffic Regulation Order.  Resolved Cllrs are in agreement of the order

Brook Street footpath

Cllr Landsborough reported Sailsbury Drive to the recreational ground footpath is overgrown.  Resolved Tree and Garden services for a quote

Cllr Landsborough reported someone has been piling up horse manure to block the styles making it difficult to use at the footpath from Brook Street to Mill Wheel.  Resolved clerk to report to DCC

Cllr Seaton confirmed a resident reported the Repton Road pavements have been tarmacked. The Sandlands and Sandcliffe Park are in a worse state, it was also mentioned that Pear Tree Close was also in the same position and why did they not get completed first?  Cllr Bigg reported the pavements are already starting to break up on Repton Road.  Resolved Clerk to report to Cllr Muller.

Cllr Tubey reported the junction at Repton Road and Netherhall Road has been marked out but no work has been done yet.  Cllr Taylor reported he mentioned the state of the road at the last meeting.  The road is deteriorating.  Resolved Clerk to report to Cllr Muller and ask for a timetable of work to be completed.


294/2023           Website and Communications

Cllr Coe to arrange removal of M Dawson and Cllr Mycock


295/2023            Allotments

Clerk confirmed all empty allotments now have new tenants and work is progressing well.  Concerns raised regarding a hose pipe being left over the path, continue to monitor.  Resolved clerk to arrange onsite meeting.


296/2023            Finance


Current bank balance £31,516.91


August and September payments




Clerk and Lengthman salary July




Electricity for Goseley




Water for Goseley




Clerk and Lengthman salary Aug



Goseley Community Centre

Hire of hall




Electricity for Goseley




Water for Goseley




Play area inspections



Robert Lewis Signs

New signs




Water heater issue




Chair skills



Cllr Landsborough

Keys for allotments



Accounts were circulated to the Cllrs.  Approval of the 1st quarter Accounts against Budget. Resolved - Councillor Coe proposed, was seconded by Councillor Seaton and all agreed to approve the 1st quarter Accounts against Budget.

HSBC bank account.  Resolved remove M Blyton, N Jenkinson, M Mycock and D West.  Add K Coe and J Seaton


Payments received

282/2023 Speed Indicator Device Guidance

Clerk confirmed technical information has been sent to Cllrs.  Resolved Clerk to contact DCC for agreement and propose sites during onsite meeting.


283/2023 Date of Next meeting


             9th October 2023 7pm at Hartshorne Cricket Club


Meeting closed at 20.05pm





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