An aerial view of Hartshorne Village taken from Church Street
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Hartshorne Parish Council

Hartshorne Parish Council represents the residents of the parish, including Lower Midway and Goseley Estate. Parish councils are the lowest layer of local government, sitting below district councils (South Derbyshire District Council) and county councils (Derbyshire County Council).

New Parish Council Website

Due to Government requirements for all levels of UK governance websites to be more accessible, the Parish Council have commissioned a new website to meet these obligations.

The site is work in progress, and will continue to develop over the coming months.

It is planned to retain some of the content from the old site through the facilities page. Currently the previous site is still accessible by the blue button.

Parish Council Newsletter

The Parish Council produce a newsletter each year but again due to the Covid-19 pandemic this didn't happen in 2020. The newsletter is normally delivered around the parish in April prior to the local elections in may, and notifies residents of the annual parish meeting.

The Parish Council will be producing a newsletter later in 2021 as local community groups start returning to normality following the pandemic.

Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday, 13th December 2021 at 7:00pm in the Hartshorne Cricket CLub Pavillion.

All Parishioners are invited and welcome to attend the meeting. 15 minutes are provided at the start of each meeting for public representatives to make their views known to the Council.

Councillors from both South Derbyshire District and Derby County Council regularly attend the Parish Council Meeting.