An aerial view of Hartshorne Village taken from Church Street

Hartshorne Parish Council Services

Parish Council Direct Responsibilities

Hartshorne Parish Council have direct responsibility for very few services and facilities within the parish. However if you are unsure who is responsible for a particular service or facility, please contact the Parish Clerk for more details.

Please use the A-Z of services to look up a service you are interested in to identify which Council is responsible for them.

The Parish Council are directly reposnsible for the three recreations grounds, Goseley, Salisbury Drive and Main Street Hartshorne. If you find any issues with the equipment provided or concerns about the recreation grounds please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council also manage the Allotments at the end of Tower Road and if you are interested in having an allotment please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council employ a lengthsman to patrol the parish and pick up litter dropped or thrown from vehicles by inconsiderate members of our local community.

The Parish Council are notified of all planning applications within the Parish and consider whether to respond or not, depending upon each applications community impact.