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Hartshorne Charities

Hartshorne Charities dates back to 1624 when the Rev William Dethick left the first money for the deserving poor of the parish. Since then eight other local parishioners have provided money for the parish.

All the individual bequests were formed into the Hartshorne Charities in 1963 and are administered by a Board of Trustees who meet quarterly to receive and deal with grant applications.

The main condition for a grant is that the person applying must reside in the Ancient Parish of Hartshorne. It is especially able to help families of children who find it difficult to provide school clothing, shoes and other items required for school. Grants can also be provided to those in full time higher education to purchase books, equipment etc. to assist them in their studies. Help can be given to individuals and families in need, and to help towards transport costs for visits to hospitals etc.

Recurring grants cannot be given; normally they are one off payments. The Charity has arrangements with local shops to provide goods with payment made direct to the retailer.

Anyone who feels in need should contact any one of the Trustees or the Treasurer Mr N D Jenkinson 01283 222887.

The Map above gives you an indication of the Ancient Hartshorne Parish Boundary.

You can find out more about the Hartshorne Charities and the names of the current trustees on the Charity Commissioners website. The registered charity number is 236972, which you should enter when you get to the main site to find Hartshorne Charities. Here is a link to the relevent page...

Hartshorne Charities

History of charities in Hartshorne

Over the years the landed and wealthy people of the parish left lands, property or monies, the proceeds to be used for the benefit of the poor and sick of the parish. Below they are listed. The charities covered the ancient parish which included parts of Woodville and Smisby:

The Eleemosynary charity of the Rev. William Dethick, founded by will dated 24th August 1624, proved at Lichfield in 1626

John Hazards Charity in 1724

Joseph Lester Charity 1802

Rev. Francis Gisbourne Charity

John Murcott Charity 1833

Elizabeth Partridge and Thomas Hassall Charity 1844

Charles Brunt Charity 1874

Thomas Truelove Kendrick 1873

The charities were merged in 1961 and are now called the Hartshorne Charities. The income is is used for help to the poor, sick, education expenses for apprentices and others, maintenance of reading rooms, village hall or library's in the parish.


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