An aerial view of Hartshorne Village taken from Church Street

Hartshorne Parish Council

Hartshorne Parish is made up of two wards, Lower Midway Ward and the Hartshorne and Goseley Ward. There are six parish councillors representing the Lower Midway Ward and nine parish councillors representing the Hartshorne and Goseley Ward making 15 Counillors in total.

The Parish Council usually meet on the second Monday of the month at 7.00pm. In normal times they alternate their meeting venue between the Goseley Community Center, Dethick Hall and Cricket Pavillion.

You can also see who your South Derbyshire District, Derby County Councillors and MP (Member of Parliament) are at the bottom of this page, and how to contact them.

On most occasions the Parish Council Meetings are attended by Councillors from South Derbyshire District and Derby County Council.

Lower Midway Ward Councillors

Alan Jones


Councillor Alan Jones Chairman of Hartshorne Parish Council
  • 01283 217140

Samantha Sharland

Councillor Samantha Sharland Lower Midway Ward
  • 07402 463403

Daniel Stretton

Councillor Daniel Stretton
  • 07824 538582

Derek West

Councillor Derek West Lower Midway Ward
  • 01283 226009

Geoff Tubey

Councillor Geoff Tubey Lower Midway Ward
  • 01283 221358


Vacancy Image
  • Contact the Parish Clerk
  • if you wish to take this position.

Hartshorne & Goseley Ward Councillors

Maureen Mycock

(Vice Chair)
Councillor Maureen Mycock Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 07929 148838

Jenny Slawson

Councillor Jenny Slawson Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 01283 229718

Kim Coe

Councillor Kim Coe Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 07850 666125

Nicola Landsborough

Councillor Nicola Landsborough Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 01283 208303

Jenny Burley

Councillor Jenifer Burley Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 01283 213447

Neil D Jenkinson

Councillor Neil Jenkinson Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 01283 222887

Peter Smith

Councillor Peter Smith Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 07894 338129


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Philip Redfern

Councillor Philip Redfern Hartshorne and Goseley Ward
  • 01283 218507

South Derbyshire District Councillors

Steven Taylor

(SDDC Woodville)
South Derbyshire District Councillor Steve Taylor
  • 07941 917626

Malcolm Gee

(SDDC Woodville)
South Derbyshire District Councillor Malcolm Gee
  • 07901 685125

Michael Dawson

(SDDC Woodville)
South Derbyshire District Councillor Michael Dawson
  • 07583795476

Derby County Councillor & MP

David Celliee Muller

DCC (Melbourne)
Derby County Councillor awaiting photograph
  • 07773 744704