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                                                                                                                                                                         Clerk- Richard Smith

Hartshorne Parish Council

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DE11 1GE

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3 September  2018


To:       Chairman, Vice Chairman and Members, Hartshorne Parish Council

            Burton Daily Mail

            Derbyshire Library, Swadlincote


Parish Council Meeting


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday 10 September  2018 starting at 7.00 pm  at Kendricks Close, Hartshorne.   Your attendance is requested.


Yours faithfully


Richard Smith

Clerk & Responsible Officer



A G E N D A Ordinary Parish Meeting



a.     At the start of the meeting a period will be made available for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments to the Parish Councillor's. (Please note only 15 minutes has been allocated)

b.     If the Police Liaison Officer, a County Councillor or District Councillor in attendance, members will be given the opportunity to raise any relevant matters. .


1.      Apologies for Absence.


2.      Any Member to declare an interest.

a. Under the Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2001 (SI 2001 Number 3576) any member with a personal interest in a matter who attends a meeting of the Authority at which the matter is considered must disclose to that meeting the existence and nature of that interest at the commencement of that consideration, or when the interest becomes apparent.  There are further requirements for members whose interest extends to become a “Prejudicial Interest” within the meaning of the Statutory Instrument.  Councillors must ensure that their “registration of financial and other interests” is up to date.

3.      To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 9 July 2018.  


4.      To determine which items if any on Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded.  


5.      Police Matters

6.      Clerks Outstanding Action Report to be circulated at the meeting.

7.      Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths

8.      Hartshorne’s Parish Web site and newsletter

9.      To receive any reports from Representatives on outside bodies.

10.   Recreation Grounds and Allotments.

a.   Progress on Salisbury Drive recreation ground

b.   Untidy allotments at Tower Road






11.   Planning Matters



1. 9/2018/0920

The Pruning Of Hawthorn Trees covered by South Derbyshire District Council Tree Preservation

Order Number 472 On


45-49 Land To The Rear Of Manchester Lane Hartshorne Swadlincote.



2. 9/2018/0862

Approval Of Reserved Matters For Access/Layout/Scale/Appearance/Landscaping Only Of

Planning Permission Ref: 9/2015/0661 At

1 St Peters Close Hartshorne Swadlincote Derbyshire.


3. 9/2018/0834

The erection of extensions At

88 Repton Road Hartshorne Swadlincote Derbyshire.


4. 9/2018/0786

The erection of Extensions, Conversion of The Garage, Alteration to the Existing Boundary Wall and Alterations To The Oil Tank Heating System At 124 Repton Road Hartshorne Swadlincote Derbyshire.





The Extension Of A Vehicular Access To Serve

38 Woodville Road Hartshorne Swadlincote.



6. 9/2018/0709

The Removal Of Condition 9 (Relating To The Provision Of Affordable Dwellings) Of Planning Permission Ref: 9/2015/1215 Outline Application (All Matters Reserved Except For Access) For

The Residential Development Of 14 Dwellings At

53 And 67 Land To The Rear Of Woodville Road Hartshorne Swadlincote Derbyshire.


 12  Finance and Administration



In Respect of



Staff Salaries and Expenses

Wages & Salaries  - September



P Corcoran

Donation re Brook Street



Direct Payments





September Tax & NI



Staff Salaries and Expenses 

Wages & Salaries  - September




Rent - Goseley recreation ground




Supply, Goseley recreation ground



Universal Containers Ltd

Container at Salisbury Drive







1. Annual Audit Report 2017/18 Verbal report from Clerk


13        Correspondence

       Blackfordby FC - update on progress with club moving to Salisbury Drive

       DCC - Know your heart age campaign

       HVRA - Village signage

       PA Forestry - cutting hedges at Main Street and Tower Road

       DCC - Royal British Legion Poppy Campaign

       Krishna  Modhvadia - Land at Saisbury Drive

       Michael Roberts - Thank you letter re support over Manchester Lane Planning application & appeal

       SDDC - litter pick in Goseley

       Admiral Rodney - Signage outside public house



DALC Circulars

Circular No. 11 - DALC Executive Meeting and Annual General Meeting – 9th October 2018, DALC Executive Vacancies, Nominations are open for places on NALC’s Larger Councils Committee, Civil Society Strategy announced, Local Councils in favour of single, mandatory code of conduct, Continued precept capping deferral recommended, The Princes Countryside Fund, Councils are being given the power to increase taxation on homes, New fund launched to increase community-led affordable housing, New East Midlands Women’s Awards, Toilet tax makes national news, Funding and Grants bulletin and Training:  


Date of Next Meeting -


 Monday 8 October 2018 - Goseley Community Centre, Hartshorne Meeting starts at 7.00.pm.