South Derbyshire District Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Monday 8 February 2021

Via video Link (Zoom)


PRESENT – Councillors A Jones (Chair), Mrs M Mycock , N Jenkinson, Mrs J Burley, D West, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs K Coe, Mrs S Sharland  P Smith and G Tubey.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Councillors, Mrs N Landsborough, R Bell and P Redfern.


ALSO, PRESENT -  R Smith (Clerk), District Councillors Taylor, Gee  (both arrived at 7.45), Dawson and County Councillor Mrs L Chilton



Ordinary Parish Meeting









Public Participation





District Council Reports:

1.     Councillor Dawson reported that he is in contact with SDDC and they have placed additional warning notices about dog fouling in the Brook Street area., also patrols by wardens are taking place. It was commented that the situation has slightly improved.

2.     District Councillor Taylor reported that Phase3 of the Broomy Farm development was  be held on 12 January. The developer had made slight changes to the application to allow for an entrance to be made into the school however the School will not be allowing an additional entrance via the Broomy Farm development.









County Council reports:

1.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton reported there is a staff shortage at DCC which has made it difficult to maintain gritting rotas.

2.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton reported that she is still chasing up Arriva for them to explain why the no.2 bus route still uses the Cutting in and not the original route via Goseley Ave.






Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting  on held on 11 January (Held by Video Link (Zoom)


The minutes were amended at 05/21 by adding ‘which would entail a rewrite of the Hartshorne Parish Council part  of the existing site and at 01/21/2 add ‘repairs at Main Street near to recreation ground these were amended and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Please note because of the current Lockdown rules the Chair has been unable to sign previous minutes . He will do so when the current restrictions are over.






Matters Arising - There were no matters arising from the meeting






Any member to declare an interest.

Councillor Jones under 20/21/2 as a Trustee of one of the companies involve in the tendering process.






Items for Exemption







Police Matters


1.     It was reported that a new list of contacts of police officers is now available.

2.     Councillor Mrs Burley reported that there are still gangs of youths raiding around Goseley Estate on motor bikes. Police are aware.




Matters Arising


1.     Clerk had circulated a current Outstanding matters report (see attached)

2.     The Clerk reported that Robert Watts has been appointed Lengthsman from 15 February.

3.     Councillor Smith asked if an update can be obtained on f/p 3 from DCC.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DCC footpaths officer.












Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths


Councillor Tubey reported that the street sign for Coventry Close is missing.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact SDDC.

Councillor Mrs Burley requested that the hedge at The Cutting is cut

RESOLVED Clerk to contact SDDC.

Councillor Mrs Mycock requested that the other side of The Cuttting is also cut, however this is not the responsibility of SDDC but a Highways matter.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DCC.

It was reported that water is flowing down parts of Woodville Road and near to the Cutting.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DCC.

Councillor Jenkinson said that the damage road sign on Ticknall Road had not been replaced.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DCC






Parish Newsletter and website


1.     It was agreed that a list of items for the newsletter is compiled.

RESOLVED the list is compiled and the newsletter should be on the Parish web site only. There will be no distribution to individual households due to the current lockdown provisions.






Recreation Grounds and Allotments


1.     The Clerk reported that he had now received the dates for 2012 Sportsmobile event, this will be included in the next newsletter.

2.     The Clerk reported that he has asked for the hedges at Tower Road, Goseley and Main Street recreation grounds to be cut.

3.     The Clerk reported that a replacement lock plus keys has been purchased for the allotments.







Reports from Outside Bodies


1.     Councillor Jenkinson reported that Hartshorne Charities had recently made donations to the local schools at Woodville, Eureka and Hartshorne.

2.     Several Councillors attended the online Safer Neighbourhood meeting held on 2 February.













Planning Matters

·         DMPA/2020/1449 The erection of a single storey rear extension at 4 Pear Tree Close, Hartshorne, Derbyshire, DE11 7AQ

No comments

·         DMPA/2020/1487 Listed building consent for the erection of a front boundary wall with railings, gate piers and gate at 49, Brook Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AH

·         DMPA/2021/0116 Listed building consent for the erection of a front boundary wall with railings, gate piers and gate at 49, Brook Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AH

·         DMPA/2020/1350 The erection of a front boundary wall with railings, gate piers and gate together with associated works to land levels at 49, Brook Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AH.

The Parish Council objects to the proposed new brick boundary wall as it is not in keeping with the Grade II house.  The current wall is of sandstone and any extension to the wall should be ‘in keeping’ and be in sandstone.

·         DMPA/2020/1349 The erection of a detached garden room at 49 Brook Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AH.

No comments

·         DMPA/2020/1398 The erection of a boiler store, car port and the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof on Land Off Ticknall Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AU.

The Parish Council objects to the proposed changes as there is limited vehicular access, no parking, access will be via a large farm gate that has not received planning approval.

·         On a show of hands 9 Councillors agreed to object to this application with one abstention.


2.      There was a general discussion on a possible development off Burton Road which also has access via Sandcliffe Road. It was agreed that all Councillors would ensure that any further developments in this proposal should be very carefully monitored to ensure that Hartshorne Parish Council are fully consulted on any future application.






Finance and Administration


February Payments



In respect of











Direct Payments






Staff Wages







Tax and NI






Supply at Goseley recreation ground





R Smith

October to February Zoom Video conferencing





R Smith

Lock and keys for allotment field





Smith of Derby Ltd

Annual Maintenance of Church clock
































1.     Banking arrangements with HSBC

The Clerk reported that HSBC are proposing to close the Swadlincote branch

RESOLVED that the Clerk look at other local banks in Swadlincote, ensuring there is a local bank available.


2.     Outsourcing Payroll

The Clerk asked if the Parish Council would consider outsoursing payroll due to the ever increasing complexities of the PAYE system.

RESOLVED the Parish Council outsource the payroll function and the Clerk seek quotations and report back to the next meeting.





1.     Clerks and Councils Direct – item re Hartshorne PC


2.     DALC – Training for 2021

Circulate to Councillors

3.     PCC - booklet to increase safety in rural areas has been launched in Derbyshire. (link on request).

4.     Resident of Repton Road – Dog fouling in Repton Road area.

5.     Clerk to reply explaining the current situation as reported under ‘District Councillor Reports’

6.     PCC – Vulnerbility Funding

7.     DALC – Return to face to face meetings

8.     Clerk reported that under current legislation that after 7 May Parish Councils will not be able to hold vitual meetings (ie Zoom or Teams) Therefore face to face meetings will take place after 7 May.

RESOLVED Clerk to update to the next meeting on any further developments

9.     DALC - February Newsletter








Meeting Closed at 9.00pm



Date of Next meeting  8 March 2021 starting at 7.00  via video link (Zoom)








Signed………………………………………… Date………………………………………………….