South Derbyshire District Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Monday 11 January 2021

Via video Link (Zoom)


PRESENT – Councillors A Jones (Chair), Mrs M Mycock , N Jenkinson, Mrs J Burley, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs N Landsborough, Mrs K Coe, P Smith and G Tubey.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Councillors Mrs S Sharland, D West ,R Bell and Redfern and District Councillor Gee


ALSO, PRESENT -  R Smith (Clerk),  District Councillor Taylor (arrived at 7.45) and County Councillor Mrs L Chilton




Ordinary Parish Meeting








Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Chairman requested a minute’s silence due to

the passing of Former Councillor Dennis Tagg.

Dennis had served on the Parish Council for over 40  years and he will be sadly missed.



Public Participation





District Council Reports:

1.     Councillor Dawson reported that SDDC had placed Notices on the two MUGAs forbidding their use during the current Lockdown, in accordance with Government Guidelines. The Clerk said that if SDDC were not putting up notices on the adult fitness equipment on Main Street he will make the necessary arrangements.

2.     District Councillor Taylor reported that Phase3 of the Broomy Farm development will be held later in the week. He said that some progress had be made by the developer to try and change the Trustees at Granville School to reverse their decision on the additional entrance from the estate.









County Council reports:

1.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton reported that she had been granted an additional £1000.00 into her members Community Leadership Scheme. Therefore, if anyone required additional funding to contact her .

2.     County Councillor Mrs L Chilton received many complaints about the rerouting of the Arriva no 2 service around Goseley Estate. She said she would look into the matter both with DCC and Arriva.






Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting  on held on 14 December and Finance Working Group of 21 December (Held by Video Link (Zoom)


The minutes were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

Please note because of the current Lockdown rules the Chair has been unable to sign previous minutes . He will do so when the current restrictions are over.






Matters Arising - There were no matters arising from the meeting






Any member to declare an interest.

Councillor Jenkinson at item 005/21 and left the meeting.






Items for Exemption







Police Matters


No reports received.




Matters Arising

1.     Clerk had circulated a current Outstanding matters report (see attached)

2.     The Clerk reported that there was now three good candidates and he hopes to schedule them for interview later this week.

3.     Following a notification from SDDC that f/p 24 was  never adopted Councillor Smith agreed that the Clerk should contact DCC.

RESOLVED to contact Footpaths Officer at DCC.











Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths


1.     Several residents have reported an increase in dog fouling particularly in the Brook Street, Repton Road and Pear Tree Close area.

RESOLVED  District Councillor Dawson said he would contact SDDC.

2.     Councillor Mrs Slawson reported that there are large ruts in the footpath opposite the cottages on Woodville Road caused by parked of vehicles.

RESOLVED Clerk to contact DCC.






Parish Newsletter and website


At this point in the meeting Councillor Jenkinson left the meeting, taking no part in the discussions.


1.     Members confirmed that they wished to pursue improvements the existing site and an Order should be placed as soon as possible to ensure the work is completed in a timely manner. It was agreed to use a .gov.uk email address.

RESOLVED Clerk to place Order.


At this point Councillor Jenkinson rejoined the meeting.

2.     Councillors agreed to start submitting articles for a future newsletter. It was hoped to be ready towards the end of April.






Recreation Grounds and Allotments


1.     Councillor Jenkinson reported that Hartshorne Charities had now received payment for the rent of the allotments.







Reports from Outside Bodies


1.     Councillor Jenkinson reported that Hartshorne Charities had recently made donations to CVS and the Church in respect of financing the ongoing Food Banks in the area.







Planning Matters


·         DMPA/2020/1230 - Proposed Two Storey Rear Extension & New Dropped Kerb (vehicular access) to Repton Road To provide off street parking 59, Repton Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7AF.that the Parish.

No objections


·         DMPA/2020/1276 - The installation of a gas tank and the retention of a flag pole at St Peters Church, Church Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7ES.

Council objects to this application on the grounds that the addition of the Gas tank is in full view from the road and appears not to be in keeping with surrounds. The Parish Council would ask that it is either positioned to the rear of the Church or buried underground. The area of Church Street forms part of a Conservation Area.






Finance and Administration


January Payments




In respect of











Direct Payments






Staff Wages

January salaries/wages






Tax and NI





Zurich Insurance

Annual Premium






















1.     2021/2022 Precept - Report from the Finance Working Group -21 December

Overalll the proposed income and expenditure for the financial year 2021/22 would remain very similar to previous years

RESOLVED that the Precept for 2021/22 is increased to  £8350.00 (an increase of £150.00).

2.     Concurrent Function submission – Clerk reported that the application is now ready for submission.

3.     Water plus refund – Clerk reported that the refund of overpaid water charges had now been received



·         RBL – acknowledgement of donation

·         Residentof Hartshorne – Dog fouling in Repton Road/Pear Tree Close and Brook Street area.

·         DCC – amendment to mobile library route (Hartshorne removed from routes).

·         SDDC – Swadlincote Area Forum, Virtual 2 February 2021  (No times given)

·         DALC – January newsletter








Meeting Closed at 8.20



Date of Next meeting  8 February 2021 starting at 7.00  via video link (Zoom)








Signed………………………………………… Date………………………………………………….