South Derbyshire District Council


10 May 2021

Hartshorne Cricket Ground Pavilion

PRESENT - Councillors – A Jones, (Chair), Mrs M Mycock, Mrs K Coe, N Jenkinson, Mrs J Slawson. D Stretton, Mrs N Landsborough  P Smith, D West and G Tubey

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE - Councillors Mrs S Sharland, Mrs J Burley R Bell and P Redfern: District Councillors Taylor and Gee

ALSO, PRESENT – R Smith Clerk to the Parish Council and County Councillor D Muller.







Annual Parish Meeting

(Election of Officers)


1.     Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

a.     Councillor Mrs M Mycock proposed Councillor A Jones as Chairman for the forthcoming year this was seconded by Councillor N Jenkinson.

b.     Councillor P Smith proposed Councillor Mrs M Mycock as Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year this was seconded Councillor D West.


RESOLVED Councillor A Jones is elected Chairman and Councillor Mrs M Mycock is elected Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year.


2.     Fix the amount of the Chairman’s and Vice Chairman’s Allowances.

a.     It was proposed by Councillor Mrs Burley and seconded by Councillor Mrs Coe that the allowance for the Chairman is £50.00 and for the Vice Chairman £25.00.


RESOLVED The Chairman have an allowance of £50.00 and Vice-Chairman have an allowance of £25.00 for the forthcoming year financial year.


3.     Appointment of Members to serve on Working Party of the Parish Council


a.     RESOLVED that the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mrs K Coe, Mrs J Burley, D West and N Jenkinson and are appointed to the Finance Working Group.



b.     RESOLVED that the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mrs J Slawson, Mrs J Burley, Mrs N Landsborough P Smith and Mrs K Coe are appointed to the Recreation Working Group.


c.     RESOLVED that each Working Group to meet twice a year. Clerk to propose dates for the next meeting.


Appointment of Members to serve on Outside bodies.


1.     Highways Forum 

2.     Environment Forum

3.     Parish/ District meeting

4.     Safer Neighbourhood Meetings (both Swadlincote and Newhall)

5.     Flood Liaison Committee


It was agreed that as the above meetings are held infrequently and are open to the public; the Parish Council will ensure that they are represented.


The following Councillors were elected to represent the Parish Council-

1.     Hartshorne Charities -  Councillors Jones, Mrs J Burley  and Mrs Mycock

2.     Dethick Education Foundation  – Councillors Mrs J Slawson and Mrs K Coe.

3.     Goseley Community Centre – Councillors Mrs N Landsborough and Mrs J Burley.

4.     Dethick Hall Committee -  Councillors Mrs J Slawson and Mrs K Coe


      Meeting closed at 7.15.


Ordinary Parish Meeting


Public Participation







District Council Reports:

1.     No District Councillor attended.









County Council reports:

1.     County Councillor D Muller as the new elected County Councillor introduced himself and expressed his commitment to serve the Melbourne Division and hoped he would be as committed as Councillor Mrs Chilton.






Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting  held on 12 April 2021, Annual Meeting of the Parish of  21 April 2021 (held via video link) were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman. The minutes of all previous meeting that were via Zoom were also signed by the Chairman.






Matters Arising - There were no matters arising from the above meeting.






Any member to declare an interest.

Councillor Jenkinson – Parish website.

Councillor A Jones  - Under Finance SDCVS and Community Transport (Swadlincote)






Items for Exemption








Police Matters


1.     There were no Police present.



Matters Arising


The Chairman informed the meeting that Roy Bell has resigned as a Parish Councillor due to ill health . Roy has been a Parish Councillor for well over 25 years including 6 years as Chairman. He also served on the District Councillor for a number of years. The Chairman on behalf of Council thanked Roy for his many years of dedicated service to the residents of Hartshorne Parish Council and his expertise in local government will be sadly missed.


a.     Clerks Outstanding Action Report was circulated to the meeting and financial statement prior to the start of the meeting.

b.     Update on future face to face meetings

The Clerk confirmed that from 7 May only Face to Face committee meetings will take place. Working groups such as Recreation can continue via Zoom.

c.     Update on appointment of Parish Clerk

The Chairman reported that the Post of Clerk had not yet been advertised.

d.     Bus route No.2 at Goseley Estate

The Clerk reported that Arriva had replied to the Parish Councils query saying that as the traffic issue had been resolved the No.2 bus would now revert to the original route via Goseley Ave. Councillors disagreed with this statement saying some buses were still using The Cutting.

RESOLVED Clerk to write to Arriva.













Highways, Pavements and Public Footpaths


1.     The Clerk the potholes on Dunsmore Way had now been filled in.

2.     Councillor Smith reported that the route of f/p35 was still incorrect according to GPS and OS plans

RESOLVED Clerk to write to DCC.

3.     Concerns were expressed that with the development at Pickstocks on Coal Lane there was still no progress on the diversion of f/p 35.

RESOLVED Clerk to write to Gaynor Richards (Enforcement Officer) at SDDC to ensure a suitable diversion is in place before the alterations at Pickstocks are commenced.

4.     Following on from the development at Pickstocks, Councillors were concerned with the drainage at the junction near the Wheel and do not want to see the flooding that occurred when the slaughterhouse was last in use.

RESOLVED Clerk to ensure that the Parish Councils objections are clearly when submitted to SDDC re application DMPA/2020/0599.






Parish Newsletter and website


1.   It was reported that some Councillors photos were now on the website and it is hoped to take further photos at this evenings  meeting.

2.   Slow progress was being made to obtain a ‘’.gov.uk’’ address.

3.   Councillors were hopeful that an on-line website would be available by end of June.






Recreation Grounds and Allotments

1.     Enquiry for allotment by Circularity Association.

The Clerk reported that Circularity Association had requested the availability of an allotment. The Clerk had written to them saying all allotments were now occupied.

2.     Damage at Goseley recreation ground and Salisbury Drive recreation ground.

The Clerk reported that extensive damage had been caused at Goseley recreation ground resulting in damage to surface at the swings and guttering and roof tiles being damaged. The Clerk had instructed DSK to carry out repairs. There has also been damaged to the play surface on the football pitch at Salisbury Drive.

RESOLVED the Committee endorsed the actions of the Clerk.








Reports from Outside Bodies













DMPA/2020/1004. The erection of 189 dwellings including public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure and works on Land at Broomy Farm, Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7EY.

Parish Council are requesting assurances that the Lincoln Way junction will be available shortly. They are concerned that traffic moving off the estate will continue out onto Woodville Road. At the outset of the developer, Bellway assured the Parish Council that only part of the estate would be developed and the rest would not be available for occupation until the Lincoln Way junction was  in use. Can the developer/Planning Committee inform the Parish Council when the Lincoln Way will be available and what percentage of traffic will be using it?


The Parish Council are also seeking the views of  the Planning Committee with regard to s106 monies being made available so that development at our recreation grounds can commence.


Please note this ‘Holding’ email was submitted on 27 April’s prior the Planning meeting of 11 May. 

Hartshorne Parish Council wishes that the current objection submitted remains. However, they reserve the right to add to the objection when the revised application is discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 10 May.

DMPA/2021/0615 Demolition of existing conservatory and the erection of a two-storey side extension with garage conversion at 34 Hereford Crescent, Midway, Swadlincote, DE11 7PT. No comments

DMPA/2020/0599 Demolition of ground floor store and extensions to the existing abattoir building and erection of extensions to form enclosed stock pens, enclosed storage areas, new water tanks and a covered stock entrance with widening of access to Coal Lane, additional access, the erection and retention of new boundary treatments and associated land grading and engineering works and installation of hardstanding at Pickstock Abattoir, 2 Coal Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7FN.

The Parish Council strongly objects to this application, mainly on the grounds that the alterations proposed in DMPA/2020/0599 have already taken place. The additional buildings will create the slaughter of more animals which results in additional traffic going through Hartshorne village, mainly at night.

Once again there are problems with the discharge of waste materials further down near to the Mill Wheel, which resulted in STW being called out to resolve the problems. This follows a similar pattern when Pickstocks operated a few years ago and it appears nothing has been done to alleviate the problem.

Concerns are expressed of the visual impact of the site with the whole site being floodlit. Several residents have complained about the smell from the site.

In the application bus routes 2 and 9 are quoted, only the number 2 passes the site, but the number 9 goes nowhere the area.

No consideration proposed for a diversion of f/p 33 which currently goes through the site’s main buildings. SDDC were in the process creating  a division (c.2012) but this was never implemented. DCC Footpaths officer has reported to the Parish Council that it is the responsibility of the District Council.






Finance and Administration


May Payments




In respect of











Direct Payments







April Adjustments (paid 21 April)






March standard Charges (paid 21  April)





Staff Wages

Salaries/wages May & PAYE contributions






Salaries/wages monthly charges





Community Transport Swadlincote Ltd.







Supply at Goseley recreation ground





Bloomin’ Gardens Ltd

Clear fallen trees at Salisbury Drive recreation ground






Service of Litter Bins in HPC





J Storer

Internal Audit Report 2020/21







Charges at Goseley recreation ground





Bloomin’ Gardens Ltd

Remove overgrown elder at Salisbury Drive recreation ground













Please note – that in the May Agenda a payment to Waterplus was shown as 46.63 this should have been 35.11


Annual Audit of Accounts 2020/21

1.     The Internal / External Auditor has been completed and are presented for approval.

RESOLVED that the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/21 are signed in by the Chair and Clerk in compliance with Audit Regulations,

a.     Annual Governance Statement and 2-Accounting Statements.

Internal Audit Report – that the report be noted and the Clerk to act on the recommendation made by the Internal Auditor

2.     Purchase of 2 noticeboards

RESOLVED to grant an additional £150.00 towards suitable replacement noticeboards at Salisbury Drive and Goseley Community Centre

3.     Signing of Bank Mandates and Change of Parish Clerk.

RESOLVED that additional signatures is put on hold until the position of Parish Clerk is resolved.




1.     DALC – information in respect of Face to Face meetings.

RESOLVED that non public meetings such as Working Groups may still be carried out via Zoom.

2.     SDDC -block gully on Main Street

RESOLVED that the Clerk continues to resolve the problems with DCC and SDDC

3.     SDDC – Podback Scheme

No Action







Meeting Closed at 9.00pm



Goseley Community Centre, Hartshorne.

14 June 2021 Starting at 7.00pm







Signed………………………………………… Date………………………………………………….