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Chapels in Hartshorne

Hartshorne Wesleyan Chapel

The old chapel in Repton Road was deemed too small so in 1904 a new church was started on a plot of land opposite the old chapel. This was donated by the Earl of Carnarvon, the cost of the new church was £900.

Mr Clarke of Church Gresley was the architect and Mr C Vennings of Swadlincote was the builder. The Reverend C Holman circuit minister laid the stone in October 1904 and 120 children laid foundation bricks with their names on. These foundation bricks are at chest height and the church's outside walls. There are familiar names such as Blood, Bloor, Wilkins, Shaw, Wilkinson, James and quite a lot of Jacques. Most of the names are still very readable at this date as they are embossed in the bricks. The Woodville Wesleyan Choir then sang and later 300 people had tea in a marquee.

The chapel proper was finished in June 1905 a Mrs Chester opened it and a tea for 200 was given. The chapel was lit by paraffin lights.

Source: Burton Observer 1904

Baptist Chapel

This was a small one in Ticknall Road situated near the Screw Mill. It is now converted to a house. It started in the early 1800's and closed in 1940.

Source: Hartshorne - An Historical Collection, Published by Hartshorne Local History Society, 2000, Edited by A E Sherratt, p 73.


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